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Charlotte Postcard Collection

Realty Building (View from South Tryon Street)

The Realty Building was located at the corner of Trade and Tryon and was built in 1907. It was renamed the Independence Building in 1920 and was torn down in 1970.A trolley can be seen going down the street. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: S H Kress

Uptown Charlotte

Tryon Street in the 1950s with its many office buildings and shops. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Dexter Press

Charlotte WWI Postcard

Charlotte postcard portraying a boy from the Netherlands expressing his sadness over the departure of the soldiers from Charlotte. Probably from World War I.

Physical Description: 3x5

Publisher: Dutch Kid Pennnat

Charlotte postcard packet

Packet of Charlotte postcards of various sites.

Physical Description: postcards

Publisher: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Courthouse and Lawyer's Building

Picture of the Courthouse on East Trade Street and the Lawyer's Building which was adjacent.

Physical Description: 3 x5

Publisher: S H Kress

Charlotte City Hall (1927)

Located at 600 East Trade Street, this building was first occupied in 1927.

Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard


Fifth Mecklenburg County Courthouse

Charlotte City Hall located at 600 East Trade Street was first occupied in 1927.

Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard

Publisher: Curteichcolor

Red Fez Country Club

Local Shriners organized The Red Fez Club in 1915 and opened a three-story country club on Lake Wylie. (Catawba is the name of the River that feeds the lake.) For more information about the Red Fez Club:

Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard