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S. Myers St., 400-500 blocks

Second Ward High School and Myers Street Grade School

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All of these buildings were demolished. The blocks west of Myers Street became part of the Metro School complex. The blocks east of Myers Street became part of the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center and adjacent parking lot.

  1. 400 Block of S. Alexander St. (east side only): 419 S. Alexander St., David Mitchell, Furnished Rooms, 421 S. Alexander St., Jerome Oxner, home
  2. 701 E. 1st. St., Grier Funeral Home
  3. 501 S. Alexander St., Second Ward High School
    1. Second Ward High School
    2. Two students at northwest corner of the school grounds
    3. See also a photo album of life at Second Ward.
  4. 531 S. Alexander St., Apostolic Church of God
  5. 900 Block of S.Independence Blvd (west side only): – 926 S. Independence Blvd., Robert M. Moore home, 924 S. Independence Blvd., Mrs. Janie Holmes home, 922 S. Independence Blvd., Dora Simpson, home, Dressmaker, 920 S. Independence Blvd., Mrs. Annie H. Grier home, 916 S. Independence Blvd., Thomas Harper home, 914 S. Independence Blvd., Mrs. Deatrice D. Hall home, 912 S. Independence Blvd., Lenora White home, 910 S. Independence Blvd, C. Clark Young home, 904 S. Independence., Mrs. Minnie S. Long home, Corner of Independence and Myers, filling station
  6. 500 block of S. Myers St. (west side only) 526 S. Myers St., Apartments (Jason S. Pride, L.B. Watson, Clarence Jones, and Mrs. Daisy Poole), 524 S. Myers St., Leroy Floyd home, 520 S. Myers St., Mrs. Rosetta B. Walker home
  7. Second Ward High School Gymnasium
  8. 400 Block of S. Myers St. (west side only): 426-428 S. Myers St., J.C. Graham Billiards, 424 S. Myers St., W. Irving Belcher home, 420 S. Myers St., John H. McCauley home, 418 S. Myers St., William A. Roddey home.
  9. Watkins Alley was an unpaved alley. The buildings were torn down and the road no longer exists. 708 Watkins Alley, Mrs. Marie D. McCauley home, 714 Watkins Alley, Mrs. Essie D. McClendon home, 71 6 Watkins Alley, Frank J. Ruth home, 718 Watkins Alley, 720 Watkins Alley, Elmo Morrow home, 722 Watkins Alley, John Morrow home, 726 Watkins Alley, unknown
  10. 700 Block of East First St. (north side only): 705 E. 1st St., Claude D. Boyd home, 705 ½ E. 1st St., Mrs Carrie Patman home, 709 E. 1st St., Mrs. Rebecca G. Byrd home, 711 E. 1st St., Carrie G. Lewis home, 715 E. 1st St., Millard E. McManus home, 717 E. 1st St., Jason G. Ford home, 719 E. 1st St., Mrs hattie L. Graham home, 721 E. 1st St., Carl Hooper home, 723 E. 1st St., Charles W. Grier home, 725 E. 1st St., Samuel T. Moore, home, 727 E. 1st St., Rosetta Patterson home, 729 E. 1st St., Thurlow Belk home, 731 E. 1st St., vacant, 731 ½ E. 1st St., Gung Ho Club, 733 E. 1st St., vacant
  11. 400 block of S. Myers St., (east side only): 425 S. Myers St., Mrs M. Corina Moore home, 429 S. Myers St., Kathryn E. Pickett home.
  12. 500 block of S. Myers St., (east side only): 501 S. Myers St., Hason C. Hart, Shoe Repair, 503 S. Myers St., Kitty’s Smoke Shop, 505 S. Myers St., Parmasena Club, Inc.
  13. 517 S. Myers St., Myers Street Grade School
  14. 500 Block of S. McDowell St. (west side only): 514 S. McDowell St., Brady J. Adams home, 512 S. McDowell St., Jason Porter home, 510 S. McDowell St., Julia Gorden home
  15. 508 S. McDowell St., Savoy Theater
  16. 500 Block of S. McDowell St. (west side only): 504 S. McDowell St., Oscar’s Sandwich Shop, No. 2, 502 S. McDowell St., McDowell Barber Shop, 500 S. McDowell St., Arthur D. Covington, Grocer
  17. 400 Block of S. McDowell St. (west side only): 428 S. McDowell St., Pittman and Hudspeth, Grocers, 424 S. McDowell St., Mrs. Sarah Davis home, 422 S. McDowell St., William Massey home
  18. Bell Court was an unpaved alley. The buildings were torn down and the road no longer exists. 810 Bell Court, George Stoney home, 820 Bell Court, Sylvester Matthews home, 822 Bell Court, Cleo B. Bruton home
  19. 800 block of E. 1st St (north side only) 805 E. 1st St. Brooklyn Barber Shop, 807 E. 1st St., Kara’s Shine Parlor, 809 E. 1st St., Eli Stinson home, 811 E. 1st St., William Blair home, 813 E. 1st St., Jason W Clemmons home, 815 E. 1st St., Samuel Todd home, 817 E. 1st St., David Cauthon home, 819 E. 1st St., Booker T. McCullough home, 821 E. 1st St., John Wess home, 823 E. 1st St., Robert Draper home, 825 E. 1st St., Lewis Carter home
  20. 800 block of E. 1st St., (south side only): 802 E. 1st St., First Street Sandwich Shop, 804 E. 1st St., Harry Long home, 806 E. 1st St., Hood’s Tea Room, 806 ½ E. 1st St., Jasper A. Lilly home, 808 E. 1st St., unknown, 810 E. 1st St., Mrs. Ellawee Rosie home, 810 ½ E. 1st St., Thomas Jones home, 812 E. 1st St., Mrs. Sammy Hammonds, 814 E. 1st St., Ethel Tilman home, 816 E. 1st St., William Pressley home, 820 E. 1st St., vacant, 822 E. 1st St., Henry L. Jones home, 826 E. 1st St., Morgan Woods College of Beauty



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