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Gold Star Veterans - Korea

After World War II, Korea was liberated from Japanese rule, but divided in two. On June 25, 1950, Communist North Korea invaded South Korea. The ensuing war lasted from 1950-1953. The United States entered on the side of South Korea, suffering thirty six thousand fatalities before the two sides agreed to a truce. Thirty five of the casualties were residents of Mecklenburg County. To learn who they were, follow the links below.

Anderton, Horace


Armstrong, Jerry

Ashford Jr., Paul

Bagale, John

Baker Jr., Baxter

Baker, Wade

Boukedes, Christos

Brigman, Williams

Chapman, Charles

Ciccone, Orlando

Clinkscale, Harold

Correll, Daniel

Crutchfield, James

Culp, Robert

Dawkins, Willie

De'Armon Jr., Charles

Deese, Alex

Dulin, James

Harris, Richard

Johnson, Gerald

Latham, Bobbie

Lyman Jr., William

Mayes, Robert

McKeithen Jr., Dan

Mills, John

Orr, Clyde

Powell, Donald

Pridgen, Coley

Richardson, Amos

Scott, Samuel

Shelnutt, John

Starkey, Clyde

Watts Jr., Roy

Wethington, Bobby

Willecke, Harold