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Universities and Colleges North Carolina Charlotte

Elizabeth College Banner

Postcard with the banner of Elizabeth College.  Founded in 1896 by the Lutheran Church, the school attracted young women from across the state. It was well-known for its music conservatory. The school closed in 1915 and moved to Roanoke Virginia. It was located at the intersection of Hawthorne Lane and Elizabeth Avenue. 

Charlotte University Students

Charlotte University School was located at Sixth and North Tryon Streets. This is a school portrait of the class of 1911. Featured are Professor H.W. Glasgow, George Wearn, U, ___ McCloud, Frank Dowd, Eli Todd McNinch, Pete Crayton, Joe Mason, Graham Hunter, Pelhorn Stockton, Steve Miller, Archie Wakefield, John Berryhill, Thorne Ranson, Harry Weeks, ___ Howard, Joe Crayton, Todd Misenheimer, Neil Overman, James H. Carson, H.F.