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Students North Carolina Charlotte

Alice Haynes

Alice Kibler, the first black student to represent the United States in the International Brotherhood Week Program. This event was held at First United Methodist Church in Charlotte. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Elizabeth College Student

Elizabeth College Student. Elizabeth College was located on Hawthorne Road. It opened in 1896. This popular school for girls remained in Charlotte until 1915.The main building is now used by Presbyterian Hospital. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Biddle University Students

Students and graduates of Biddle University's Theological Seminary. Physical Description: 5x7 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Students at College Street Elementary

Class photograph from College Street Elementary School. The school was located at 600-606 North College Street. Physical Description: 8x10 mounted Publisher: Unknown

Students at Unknown School

Class portrait of students. School maybe College Street Elementary, but not documented. Physical Description: 8x10 mounted Publisher: Unknown