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Sports North Carolina Charlotte

Latta Park Baseball Field

Baseball was the sport in Charlotte as well as the United States at the beginning of the 1900s. In Dilworth, there were at least three ball fields. In 1902 the 4 C's granted a 10-year lease for the fairgrounds and the baseball field seen here. Located on the far end of East Boulevard, maps suggest home plate was east of Lennox Avenue. The park probably extended from near East Boulevard to Lennox Avenue.

Thomas M. Martin

Thomas M. (Jack) Martin, Captain, football team, Johnson C. Smith University. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

1950 Girls All Star Basketball Team

Minnie Alma Blake was coach of the West Charlotte High School basketball team. She is pictured with the girls’ All-Star basketball team. Players, from left to right: Ruth Gartrell, Mattie Eaves, Mary Alice Alexander, unknown, unknown, unknown, Jessie Mae Young. Physical Description: 5x7 Publisher: Unknown

Suttle Swimming Pool

The Suttle Swimming Pool was located on Wilkinson Boulevard. It was a popular area for swimming, having a picnic or archery. The grounds also featured a merry-go-round and a swinging chairs. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: E. C. Kropp Company

Charlotte Speedway

This is an aerial view of the Charlotte Speedway, Inc, when it was located nine miles south of Charlotte at Pineville and Park Roads, near the Southern Railway tracks. The actual track was a mile and a quarter long. It was made entirely of wooden planks and could seat 20,000 people. It was built in 1924 for $300,000. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Elizabeth College Tennis Team

Tennis Team at Elizabeth College.Elizabeth College was located on Hawthorne Road. It opened in 1896. This popular school for girls remained in Charlotte until 1915.

Physical Description: 35 mm Negative


Charlotte News Sports Reporters

Great shot of the Sports News Room at the Charlotte Observer. The photograph below captures the legendary sports staff of the 1940s and 1950s, from left-to-right: Herman Helms, Sam Miller, Dick Pierce, Wilton Garrison and Richard Morris. Physical Description: 8x10 Black and White 4x5 Negative Publisher:

Elizabeth College Students

Five Elizabeth College students in gymnastic attire posing outdoors. Caption reads, Aflir Gymns.

Physical Description: Original in scrapbook