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Alexander Street School

A 5th grade class at Alexander Street School in the 1930s. The school was located at 916 North Alexander Street. It was demolished during the urban renewal projects of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Janie B. Wallace served as the principal at this time. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Bethlehem Center

The Kindergarten class of 1945 at Bethlehem Center. Located on 301 North Caldwell Street. Floyd Wallace Jr., Brenda Johnson, Laura Pitts, Carolyn Tillman, the rest are unidentified. Physical Description: 5 x 7 Publisher: Unknown

Bethlehem Center

Bethlehem Center on 301 North Caldwell Street. Pictured are Virginia Wallace, Evelyn Wallace, Virginia Ratchford, Haywood Ratchford, Bobby Jones, Matthew Shut. The rest are unidentified. Physical Description: 5 x 7 Publisher: Unknown

Bethlehem Center

A kindergarten picture at Bethlehem Center, located on Caldwell Street.The picture was made at Edward's Portrait Studio on 2207 Booker Avenue. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Fairview School

7th grade class on the steps of Fairview School. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Johnson C. Smith University's Sixty-Fifth Anniversary

The celebration of the sixty-fifth anniversary of the founding of JCSU and the twenty-fifth anniversary of Dr. H. L. McCrorey, President on April 7, 1932. Physical Description: Panorma shot. Print stored in oversize box. Publisher: Unknown

Zoel Hargrave

Zoel Hargrave on the occasion of his 50th college reunion. Johnson C. Smith University, class of 1910.From left to right: Mr. Downing (first name unknown), Mr. Beatty (first name unknown), Zoel Hargrave, Mr. Logan (first name unknown), Mr. Adams (first name unknown). Physical Description: Panoramic image. Publisher: Unknown

Isabelle Wyche School Staff

Staff photo of Isabelle Wyche School. Front row: Cora Tate Boom, Lillian Perry, Emma Cunningham, Mary Lee Couser Byrd, Louise Kirkland Holloman, Jean A. Moreland, Blanche Sansom (city nurse), Beulah H. Moore (principal). Second row: Geraldine Cabiness Daniels, Emma Hairston Dunlap, Rose Pitts Smith, Robert Reeder, Mary Williams Chisolm, Grace Solomon (librarian), Daisy Timbers (secretary).

1950 Girls All Star Basketball Team

Minnie Alma Blake was coach of the West Charlotte High School basketball team. She is pictured with the girls’ All-Star basketball team. Players, from left to right: Ruth Gartrell, Mattie Eaves, Mary Alice Alexander, unknown, unknown, unknown, Jessie Mae Young. Physical Description: 5x7 Publisher: Unknown