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Protestant Churches North Carolina Presbyterian

First Presbyterian Church of Charlotte

The history of  First Presbyterian Church dates back to 1821. This is the second building associated with the church and is located at 200 West Trade Street. The exterior features the Gothic Revival style of architecture and was constructed in 1857. The facade, narthex and tower, with the steeple were rebuilt in 1883-84.

Sharon Presbyterian Church

On January 30, 1830, residents in the Sharon neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, met at the home of Martha Kirkpatrick to discuss the organization of church. The land for the church, located on what is now Sharon Road, was donated by Dr. J. W. Ross and the Kirkpatrick family. The church building, seen here, was completed and the first services were held on October 22, 1831. 

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First Presbyterian Church

Black and white postcard of First Presbyterian Church.

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Machpelah Presbyterian Church

Machpelah Presbyterian Church in Lincoln County was built in 1848 on land donated by Violet G. and Moses Winslow Alexander.
The illustration is from General Joseph Graham and his Papers on North Carolina Revolutionary History (1904).

Physical Description: From an original sketch made in 1902