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Nurses North Carolina Charlotte

Black City Nurses

Black city nurses of the Charlotte Health Department. Seated on the first row, from left to right: Helen Glenn, Birdie Moore, Ruth Byers, Rose M. Jones, Mrs. A. E. Spears, Mrs. Gertrude Blackman. Standing, from left to right: Amanda Eason, Lillian Jenkins, Shute, Virginia Trollinger, Polly Willston, Cleo Yongue, Mary Wall Grier, Blanche Sanson, Estelle Smith Rodrickques, Louise Mason.Back row, from left to right: Hazel Blackeney (Director), Emily Nixon (Superintendent), Clara Lawrence, Dorothy Wilkins. Circa 1945-1950.

Red Cross Nurses

The 1919 graduating class of Red Cross Nurses march in the Mecklenburg Declaration Parade on May 20th. The photograph was taken in the first block of South Tryon Street. The Independence Building is in the background. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Elizabeth College Staff Member

Young nurse posing with a hot water bottle. Caption reads, Ready for Business. Elizabeth College was located on Hawthorne Road. It opened in 1896. This popular school for girls remained in Charlotte until 1915.

Physical Description: Original in scrapbook