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New York City


•The families select April 20, 1854 for the day of the wedding in New York City for the wedding of John ("Jack") Wilkes and Jane ("Jeanie") Smedberg.

•Jack began the long journey from Charlotte in March.

•As the 20th grew "alarmingly near," Jeanie counted on the latest communication technology of her time


 Postcard of Devasego Falls near the Smedberg's summer home.

The summer of 1853 found Jeanie in the Catskills at the Smedbergy's summer house Devasego in Greene County, New York. Here she passed the days entertaining friends, horseback riding, picnicing, minding her younger brothers as well as her nieces and nephews. Her letters from this time period are filled with a longing to be with Jack and for him to find employment that would enable them to marry.