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Floyd G. Wallace (1916-1992)

Corporal Floyd G. Wallace, Sr. He was a Drill Instructor in World War II. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

William Washington Browne (1849–1897)

William Washingon Browne, from `Negro Stars in All Ages of the World` by W. H. Quick, L. L. B. Browne was a champion of empancipation and joined the Union Army in 1862 when the Army seized Memphis, Tennessee.  Browne was an outspoken critic of the Ku Klux Klan, and avid Temperance activist and was a Methodist minister of the Leigh Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia. The only possible Charlotte connection may have been with the Temperance organization the United Order of True Reformers. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Johnny McNeal

Johnny McNeal during the Korean War. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Richard Weathers

Richard Weathers in uniform during World War II. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Camp Steel

Eugene Nolley at Camp Steel. He was a member of the U. S. Army. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Camp Greene

Camp Greene was a military training camp constructed in northwest Charlotte during World War I. Caption on postcards reads, `Scene looking east from Army Headquarters during completion of camp.` Physical Description: 3x5 color Publisher: Carolina Card Company

Camp Greene Mess Halls

Postcard depicts the completion of the Mess Halls at Camp Greene. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Carolina Card Company

Camp Greene Trench Digging

Digging trenches at Camp Greene, Charlotte's World War training camp, prepared soldiers for trench warfare overseas. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Illustrated Postal Card and Novelty Company

Camp Greene Stables on Remount Road

The United States National Guard Cantonment at Camp Greene in Charlotte, North Carolina. Camp Greene was a World War I military training camp. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: CT American Art