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Machinery North Carolina Charlotte

Cotton Screw Press

A cotton screw press somewhere in Charlotte. Physical Description: 3x5 color Publisher: Washington News Company

Mountain Island Power Plant

Interior shot of the Mountain Island Power Plant at Mountain Island Dam on the Catawba River, which was approximately twelve miles from Charlotte. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Ford Motor Plant in Charlotte

The Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant on Statesville Road was completed in 1924. Four hundred cars could be assembled at this facility in one day. The building was constructed at a cost of 2 million dollars. Albert Kahn designed the building. (E.C. Ball of Detroit is also given credit for assisting with the architectural design.) Charlotte contractors, MacDevitt-Flemming built the plant. Physical Description: 8x104x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Cotton machinery

Roller compress creating bales of cotton. Physical Description: Original from Tompkins Papers Collection.4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Cotton Machinery

Cotton being placed on round bales and roller compressor. Physical Description: Original from Tompkins collection 4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown