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City Directory

Early City Directory


Photograph of an early Charlotte City Directory that appeared in the book `The Hornet's Nest.`

ID Number: H_2000_01_352_26.jpg

Image Year: 1960

Physical Description: 8x10 glossy

Category: Hornet's Nest

Format: Black and White

Image Negative: 1

Print: 1

Donor: Unknown

Copyright: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Publisher: Unknown

Photographer: Verdie Perille

Charlotte City Directory

ID Number: H_2000_01_353_27.jpg

Image Year: 1960

Physical Description: 8x10

Category: Hornet's Nest

Format: Black and White

Image Negative: 1

Print: 1

Donor: Unknown

Copyright: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Publisher: Unknown

Photographer: Verdie Perille