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Queens College

Founded in 1912, today the school is known as Queens University.

Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard


Carolina China Market

G.W. MacKinnon owned and operated the Carolina China Market which was located on Highway 29 in Charlotte. It offerred the largest selection of fine china, crystal, pottery and other novelty items. The store carried 200 patterns of earthenware and china.

Physical Description: Black and white postcard

Publisher: National Press, Inc. North Carolina


Mecklenburg Declaration Day

North Tryon Street was decorated with flags and banners in honor of Mecklenburg Declaration Day which was celebrated on May 20-22, 1902.  This photograph was labeled as man No. 905, published by the International Post Card Company in New York. The card stock was made in Germany.

Physical Description: color postcard

Publisher: International Post Card Company


Charlotte Municipal Airport

Charlotte Municipal Airport

Physical Description: black and white postcard

Publisher: Observer Printing House


East Trade Street


Veiw of East Trade Street from the Square. Physical Description: color postcard

Publisher: Southern Post Card Company


Y.W.C.A. (Interior View) Charlotte, North Carolina

This an interior view of the  Charlotte Y.W.C.A. that was organized on November 11, 1874. This was the second building constructed by the organization. It was  located next door to the Latta Arcade in the 300 block of South Tryon Street. 

Physical Description: color postcard

Publisher: Stone and Barringer Book Company


Myers Park Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Myers Park Country Club formed in 1921 with over three hundred members. This is a picture of the first club house.

Physical Description: black and white postcard

Publisher: Dixie News Company, Charlotte, North Carolina


Mercy Hospital, Charlotte, NC (1952)

In 1906, the Sisters of Mercy first established a hospital in Charlotte in uptown Charlotte near St. Peter's Catholic Church. This facilty opened in 1916 with additional wings added over time. Today, the facility is under the control of the Carolinas Healthcare System and is now called Carolinas Medical Center-Mercy.

Physical Description: Genuine Curteich-Chicago post card

Publisher: Dixie News Company

Uptown Charlotte in the 1920s

An aerial view looking north up Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC."

Physical Description: Postcard

Publisher: S.H. Kress