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Hornet's Nest

Early City Directory


Photograph of an early Charlotte City Directory that appeared in the book `The Hornet's Nest.`

ID Number: H_2000_01_352_26.jpg

Image Year: 1960

Physical Description: 8x10 glossy

Category: Hornet's Nest

Format: Black and White

Image Negative: 1

Print: 1

Donor: Unknown

Copyright: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Publisher: Unknown

Photographer: Verdie Perille

Fourth Street

A view of East Fourth Street from the County Courthouse towards Alexander Street. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

College Street Elementary Students (6th Grade)

Mrs. Lois Ardney's Sixth Grade Class at College Street Elementary School. The latter was located at 600-606 North College Street. Physical Description: 5x7 mounted Publisher: Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

Charlotte City Directory

ID Number: H_2000_01_353_27.jpg

Image Year: 1960

Physical Description: 8x10

Category: Hornet's Nest

Format: Black and White

Image Negative: 1

Print: 1

Donor: Unknown

Copyright: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Publisher: Unknown

Photographer: Verdie Perille

Fifth Street

West Fifth Street looking west from the intersection with Irwin Avenue. This area covers the 900 block of the street. On the right side, one can see Harriet Morrison Irwin's hexagonal house. She was the first American woman to hold a patent for an architectural innovation. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Rudisell House

The home of Michael and Sarah Rudisell House was located at 208 North College Street. It was built in 1851 by Jonas Rudisill and later occupied by the Ross family. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Seventh Street

Looking west down East Seventh Street past the intersection of Pecan Avenue. Stanley's Drug Store maintained a store on or near this location until 1998. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Garibaldi, Bruns & Dixon Jewelry Store

The Garibaldi, Bruns and Dixon Jewelry Store was originally located at 10-12 South Tryon Street. The store later became known as Garibaldi-Bruns. Today, the store is called Finks Jewelry and is located in the South Park Mall. Physical Description: 4x5 glossy4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Dodsworth and Cramer Houses

Home of L.A. Dodsworth is on the top of the image and the Stuart W. Cramer House is on the bottom. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown