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Farewell Views of Charlotte, 1900-1910

The following are aerial and street scenes of Charlotte from 1900 to 1910. Click on the highlighted words to enlarge the image.

Tryon Street looking South from the  Square - 1900 

View of North Tryon Street from the Square - 1900

View of South Tryon Street - 1900

Another view of South Tryon Street - 1900

North View of Tryon Street from the dome of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse - 1905

West Trade Street - 1905

Aerial View from the Realty Building - 1909

North Tryon Street - 1909 - This view of North Tryon Street looking South was taken at Seventh Street. On the left is the First Baptist Church, the Carnegie Library and the City Hall. On the right is the Tryon Street Methodist Church. The Realty Building can be seen in the distance.

South Tryon Street 1910 - A street car makes its way down South Tryon Street,  past the Square on its way through the business district. On the lower left of the card is the Independence/Realty Building. Past Trade Street, the businesses that can be identfied are Blake Drugstore operated by John S. Blake, the Southern Real Estate and Trust Company, and the Garibaldi Bruns and Dixon Jewelers at 10-12 South Tryon. (Fourth building from Blake Drugstore.)

South Tryon Street - 1910 - Postcard depicts one of the many business districts on Tryon Street. The New American Trust Company and the Academy of Music are highlighted in the image.

Aerial View - 1910 - View of Charlotte from the Trust Building Building on Tryon Street. Card shows the Selwyn Hotel, the Realty Building and City Hall.


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