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Approximately fourteen businesses in Charlotte sell books around the turn-of-the-century, but the two most popular stores are Stone and Barringer at 124 South Tryon Street and Brockmann's Book Store at 100 South Tryon Street. 

Charles Stone ran Stone and Barringer from 1899 to 1919.It became a center for organizers of the YWCA in 1902 and served as a publisher of books for local writers. Besides selling books, locals could purchase stationery and art supplies. 

Another popular bookstore was Brockmann's which was originally located in the Trust Building. Herbert V. Brockman opened Brockman's Bookstore in May of 1915.  Two years later, his brother Charles Brockmann took over for Herbert who served in the Army, and ran the shop until 1927. The store was famous for selling books, stationery, toys, novelties, magazines, office supplies as well as framing and engraving services. Brockmann went onto become the Assistant Director of the Charlotte Public Library. In 1956, he served as the first manager of the Carolina Room, which is today known as the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room.


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