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Elizabeth College

Although there are very fine institutions of learning for young women throughout the state, most of the private schools are not designed to prepare young women for a profession other than teaching or nursing. However, larger cities, like Charlotte, have schools such as Kings Business College and the Fleming University of Shorthand. Both institutions offer training in office skills. In the early 1900s, there are two female colleges in Charlotte, Elizabeth College and Presbyterian College, which is in the next slide. Both schools offer high school classes as well as an advanced college curriculum, but they only admitted white females . Elizabeth College for women was founded in 1896 at what is now the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue and Hawthorne Lane. The main building was 172 by 143 feet, four stories high and constructed of brick and Indiana limestone. At the time this postcard was made in 1900, there were thirty instructors and about 130 students. The school was renowned for the Gerard Conservatory of Music. In 1917, the school merged with Roanoke College for Women in Salem , Virginia.  That school burned down in 1921. Presbyterian Hospital bought the Charlotte property in 1917, and the original building became part of the hospital.



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