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Beautiful Old Homes

Grand homes of Charlotte’s most prominent citizens line the streets in uptown Charlotte during the 1900s.

One of the residences in this postcard belonged to Robert A. Dunn. He was the President of Burwell & Dunn Company, wholesale druggists. His home, pictured here, was at 503 North Tryon Street.

Two handsome Charlotte homes appear in this postcard. The one on the top, belonged to Charles W. Tillett and was located at 801 North Tryon Street. He was a prominent businessman in Charlotte.  The one below belonged to  Robert M. Miller and was located at 406 North Tryon Street.  Miller was the president of Elizabeth Mills and Millerton Homes Company and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Buford Hotel.

Homes in Dilworth, which was Charlottes first suburb.


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