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Before the Storm 1940-1941

1941 - Fighter Pilots

April 21, 1941 - Morris Field is dedicated. New York City's Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia speaks at the ceremony. This facility which adjoins Charlotte's Douglas Airport, begins to train pilots and repairmen of the 29th Air Service Group as U.S. involvement in World War II approaches. Mecklenburg families extend hospitality to these servicemen, bringing them to church and home for meals. When the war is over, Morris Field is turned over to the city and made part of Charlotte's Douglas Airport. Morris Field Dedicated

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1941 - Leisurely Sundays

June 4, 1941 - Many Southern cities still have rules, called blue laws, that prohibit certain activities on Sundays. When Charlotte's City Council repeals some of the blue laws, the Queen City joins the trend of most other Southern towns that now allow outdoor sports and movies on Sundays. 

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1940 - Charlotte Memorial Hospital

Incorporated in 1938, Charlotte Memorial Hospital now admits its first patient. By 1992, the facility will be known as Carolinas Medical Center. It will be designated a center specially equipped to handle emergencies, or trauma.

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1941 - The Mind of the South

W.J. Cash's The Mind of the South is a landmark of American intellectual history. The author who lived on North Church Street and wrote for the Charlotte News tragically dies the same year his award-winning book is published.

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