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The Cathedral of St. Patrick

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Larry Harwell

Located on Dilworth Road, The John Henry Phelan family of Beaumont, Texas donated the funds to build the Saint Patrick in loving memory of his parents, Patrick and Margaret Adele Phelan.  Frank Frimmer, an Austrian native known for remodeling famous Old World churches, designed and supervised construction of the church, with its gray stucco face, 400-seat nave, balcony and 77-foot tall tower. The ground breaking took place on March 17, 1939.
On Sept. 4, 1939, Bishop Eugene J. McGuinness of Raleigh consecrated the church under the patronage of Saint Patrick. It became the first Catholic church in North Carolina to be consecrated immediately upon completion and in 1942 became a parish with Msgr. Arthur R. Freeman as pastor.
On January 12, 1972, Pope Paul VI erected the Diocese of Charlotte and on that same day St. Patrick Church became the Cathedral of St. Patrick. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

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