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Charles Alexander

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Charles Alexander (b. between 1730 - 1735? d. circa 1802) was one of the original signers of the Meckenburg Declaration of Independence. History has not recorded a well rounded life of Captain Charles Alexander perhaps due to the shadow cast by his more noted brother, Adam, but it is recorded he was just as staunch a citizen of his adopted county as he was a patriot. It is believed he was born between 1730-35 in Somerset County, Maryland. It is not known when Charles migrated to Mecklenburg County, but we do know that his son, Charles, was born in Mecklenburg in 1775. Evidently Charles led an industrious, uneventful life, as no records are found that connect him with church or political activities, and yet he was evidently a man of integrity and substance, for he was frequently appointed by the Court as bondsman and appraiser of land. Captain Charles Alexander was a staunch patriot and fought in several battles in North and South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. Being a Captain of one of the militia companies, Charles Alexander was a delegate to the Mecklenburg Convention on May 19, 1775.