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James Johnston

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Death Details/Burial/Memorial Services: He was mortally wounded in Normandy on 6-20-1944, and he died a week later. His grave is in the St. Mere Eglis Cemetery in Normandy. A memorial service was held at Little Joe's Presbyterian Church on 4-15-1946 for the 15 men from Barium Springs who died in the service. Memorial marker in Normandy.

Age at Death: 28

Image Source: Davidson College Bulletin

Personal Details

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Davidison College, Class of 1937, hometown Barium Springs, NC
Biographical Notes: 
Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. in Charlotte Davidson College Football Team, 3 years
Family Details: 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boudinot Johnston - (Mr. Johnston was Superintendent of the Barium Springs Orphanage) Barium Springs, NC

Joseph Boudinot Johnston, Jr., Capt. - South Africa, Leila D. Johnston, Ensign- WAC - Jacksonville, FL, Mrs. David W. Morris - San Francisco, CA, Robert Zenas Johnston, Army Lieutenant - Alexandria, LA, William Lee Davidson Johnston - Batesburg, SC

Mrs. J. H. Marion of Charlotte - aunt

Military Details

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Army Enlisted: 1940
Military Rank: 
Lieutenant Colonel
Military Unit: 
Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Division
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Military Details: 
Ft. Bragg, NC, Cherbourgand Normandy, France, England, Safi, Morocco, Sicily, Tunisia, Bizerte
3 Distinguished Unit Citations: Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Other Army medals, Purple Heart, Silver Star

Newsprint and Davidson College Bulletin and annuals