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Early Settlements 1585-1662

1654 - Carolina's First Settler

Nathaniel Batts is the first known permanent English settler in North Carolina. He builds a two-room home in Bertie County.

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1585 - Ralph Lane Colony

Ralph Lane established a colony on Hatteras Island on July 27, 1585. The expedition comprised of 108 male settlers, eventually makes its way to Roanoke Island. One year later, the threat of an Indian uprising coincides with the arrival of Sir Francis’s Drakes’ fleet off the Carolina. The members of the Lane Colony quickly decide to take advantage of the opportunity and return home to England.

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1587 - John White Colony

John White establishes a colony on Roanoke Island on July 22, 1587. It is there on August 18th that Virginia Dare, daughter of Ananias and Eleanor White Dare is born. She is the first child born to English parents America. Sadly, John White returns to England for more provisions, but England is at war with Spain, and it is not until 1590 that he returns to Roanoke Island. There is no sign of the 110 settlers, including Virginia Dare. The Lost Colony becomes one of the greatest mysteries in American history.

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1609 - In Search of Land

Virginia settlers push their way southward into the Nansemond River Valley and Albemarle Sound region thus opening the doors for settlement in the colony known as Carolana.

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1640 - The Catawbans

The Catawba Indian Tribe was once part of several tribes of the Sioux Indian Nation in the west. They fled to the southeast to escape their enemies in 1640. Settling first in Botetourt County Virginia, the Catawba eventually established homes along the Catawba River by 1660. Their name, Catawba, means people of the river. There are several thousand members of the tribe.

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1607 - Brave New World

Jamestown, Virginia becomes the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

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