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Camp Butner - Camp Life

"Field Meet - 78th Division, Camp Butner, N.C., 8/13/1943"

Don Martin first came to North Carolina as an Army photographer. In this role he documented life at the now-demolished Camp Butner, northeast of Raleigh. 

This exhibit contains 47 images of Camp Butner, organized under the following headings:

  1. Photos of Camp Butner - 20 images of buildings and vehicles
  2. Images of Camp Life - 19 images of dances, sports, weddings, and religous services. View these in the Image Gallery below.
  3. Military Training and Personnel - 8 images of service men and women going about their duty
Descriptions of the images are taken from Martin's hand-written notes on the back of each photo. Click on the print icon for a full-size version of the images.