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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Hosea Banks Annie Belle Banks 1945
Mary E. (Carlton) Banks George R. Banks 1943
Mona Banks A. G. Banks 1924
Ruby L. Banks A. H . Banks 1937
Allene Jenkins Barbee Paul G. Barbee 1948
Blanche Barbee G. W. Barbee 1937
Gladys Lorraine Barbee Winfred T. Barbee 1944
L. S. Barbee Effie Barbee 1942
Maude A. Barbee R. W. Barbee 1935
Alpha Goode Barber Robert Julian Barber 1937
Fannie Browning Barber W. C. Barber 1941
Harthus Barber Laura Barber 1953
J. W. Barber Bertha Irene Barber 1940
James Barber Kathaleen Barber 1943
John W. Barber Ruth H. Barber 1942
Johnnie Mae Barber Carl Barber 1940
Lona Barber Broadus Barber 1945
Mae J. Barber Paul Barber 1954
Mirian L. Barber Melvin Barber 1945
Ruth H. Barber John W. Barber 1942
Thomas Barber Sallie Barber 1924
Waddell Barber Annie Mae Barber 1944
Ella Barbour L. L. Barbour 1946
Wade E. Barbour Juanita Barbour 1943
Addie Harrington Barefoot Wm. G. Barefoot 1943
T. E. Barefoot Ethel Hasty Barefoot 1942
George A. Barese Lena Ruth Barese 1936
Connie Barfield Clayton D. Barfield 1948
Lula Pauline Barfield William Henry Barfield 1953
Rebecca C. Barge R. H. Barge 1943
Helen Barille Albert J. Barille 1936
J. W. Barker Martha S. Barker 1937
Mayno Webb Barker Theodore R. Barker 1945
Annie Barkley William C. Barkley 1947
David A. Barkley Mary E. Barkley 1946
Gracie Mae Barkley Robert Reid Barkley 1950
Mary F. Barkley Roy S. Barkley 1945
Mary Mobley Barkley Charles L. Barkley 1950
Mary Thelma Barkley Ross Vergie Barkley 1940
Jannette Barley J. B. Barley 1946
W. B. Barley Florine Stone Barley 1946
Ruth Harris Barlow George B. Barlow 1951
Aaron Barnes Ophelia Barnes 1936
Ann Elizabeth Barnes Thomas H. Barnes 1945
Ben W. Barnes Altha Lee Barnes 1945
Elizabeth Barnes Percell Barnes 1951
F. W. Barnes Edna Sells Barnes 1950
Ida Lee Thames Barnes Samuel Smith Barnes 1944
Jean H. Barnes Carlyle L. Barnes 1952
Loyd A. Barnes Ruth E. Barnes 1933
Naomi Barnes Leroy Barnes 1951
Robert Barnes Mattie Barnes 1944
Rosetta Moore Barnes Daniel Lister Barnes 1954
Vivian L. Barnes W. W. Barnes 1926
Bernard Wiltse Barnett Dorothy Pierce Barnett 1944
Elizabeth Curry Barnett Pink Barnett 1955
Hoke Barnett Blanche Barnett 1943
James Barnett Carrie Walker Barnett 1942
James Barnett Pearl Hall Barnett 1942
Marie L. Barnett Hope M. Barnett 1932
Robert L. Barnett Lucille Barnett 1947
J. H. Winecoff Roy Barnett 1948
Charles Barnette Arrow D. Barnette 1948
Emma Dowd Barnette J. G. Barnette 1954
Martha E. Barnette Paul Barnette 1951
C. E. Barnhardt Gladys M. Barnhardt 1937
Mary Fair Barnhardt Voigt M. Barnhardt 1951
Virginia D. Barnhardt Lee A. Barnhardt 1945
Joan Sheets Willie Barnhardt 1954
Joan Sheets Willie Barnhardt 1954
Glennie Mae Barnhill Dudley Barnhill 1947
Alice Barr John C. Barr 1945
Dorothy Olivia Tyson Barr Capers Gamewell Barr 1938
E. D. Barr Dora Barr 1938
E. D. Barr Mamie Barr 1944
Ed Barr Mary May Crepps Barr 1945
Evelyn Slagle Barr Howard Thurlow Barr 1946
J. Lester Barr Sarah Frances Barr 1940
Lester James Barr Lessie Barr 1937
Roger F. Barr Stella Jones Barr 1949
Alberta Barrett Edgar Arnold Barrett 1940
Jessie Barrett Charles Barrett 1939
Lillian Barrett C. B. Barrett 1927
M. B. Barrett Lula Barrett 1912
Robert Joseph Barrett Theresa Mary Barrett 1949
Ruth Ann Whitley Barrett Lloyd Anderson Barrett 1953
Esther Hahn Barrier J. Homer Barrier 1939
Helen C. Barringer Harvey L. Barringer 1951
Julia H. Barringer Henry Barringer 1934
Will Barringer Anna Scott Barringer 1920
Joyce Holbrook Barron Branson B., Jr. Barron 1954
Odessa Barron William F. Barron 1943
Robert R. Barrow Ruth Bolling Barrow 1935
Margaret W. Bartlam Douglas D. Bartlam 1948
J. H., Jr. Bartles Stella Bartles 1933
Agnes Pender Bartlett Edgar Lee Bartlett 1942
Elsie Geneva Bartlett Wilson Wallace Bartlett 1934
Mary Ella Bartlett Robert S. Bartlett 1944
Parks L. Bartlett Bettie K. Bartlett 1938
Paula Joan Henry Bartlett Johnny Lee Bartlett 1952