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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
E. L. Moore Anne McCorkle Moore 1951
John Holt Anne Moore Holt 1904
Frank E. Graham Anne Nichols Graham 1940
Vincent Messina Anne Russo Messina 1937
R. Haywood, Jr. Stedman Annette Dana Lomax Stedman 1938
Jack E. Helms Annette Fox Helms 1949
John L. Stuttz Annice E. Stuttz 1949
R. L. Bernard Annie Bernard 1928
Oscar Crane Annie Crane 1904
L. H. Ferrell Annie Ferrell 1925
M. F. Fisher Annie Fisher 1920
Ernest W. Helms Annie Helms 1933
Joseph Huntley Annie Huntley 1944
William Johnson Annie Johnson 1928
Pink Poston Annie Poston 1917
Pink Poston Annie Poston 1917
E. S. Rhyne Annie Rhyne 1945
E. S. Rhyne Annie Rhyne 1945
Frank D. Savage Annie Savage 1900
Frank D. Savage Annie Savage 1900
Will Taylor Annie Taylor 1930
D. E. Davis Annie B. Davis 1927
W. L. Lockman Annie Belk Lockman 1948
Hawkins L. Chisholm Annie Bell Chisholm 1948
Perry Hudson Annie Bell Hudson 1946
A. O. Waldo Annie Bell Waldo 1941
H. M. Yandle Annie Bell Yandle 1934
Charlie William Torrence Annie Bell Gilleland Torrence 1940
Will Boyd Boyd Annie Bell Hampton Boyd 1946
J. C. Broome Annie Bell Lola Broome 1946
Hosea Banks Annie Belle Banks 1945
William R. T. Hawkins Annie Belle W. Hawkins 1945
Vick Hugh Smith Annie Bernice D. Smith 1943
Benjamin R. Chisholm Annie Bond Chisholm 1947
Edward Bush Annie Brown Bush 1946
William H. Allen Annie C. Allen 1920
Arthur M. Dye Annie Cooper Dye 1933
J. W. Stokes Annie Corrine Caudell Stokes 1950
Erskine Clifton Annie E. Clifton 1946
James P. Correll Annie E. Garrett Correll 1946
Edward Clifton Harrison Annie Elizabeth Hargraves Harrison 1951
Ernest Burr Annie F. Burr 1953
Crockett Gaston Annie Frazier Gaston 1949
Nelson Keith West Annie Garrett West 1941
William D. McRae Annie Gertrude McRae 1936
Samuel Osborne Annie Gibson Osborne 1920
Frank Obie Summers Annie Glenn Hill Summers 1948
Clyde N. Gardner Annie Grace Gardner 1944
B. S. Fogle Annie H. Fogle 1948
J. D. H. Isenhour Annie Helms Isenhour 1949
Willie F. Callaway Annie Hicks Callaway 1945
M. W. McLellan Annie I. McLellan 1936
George Dewey Allred Annie Jane Allred 1947
William C. Benson Annie Julian Benson 1947
Thomas I. Allen Annie K. Allen 1942
George R. Tucker Annie L. Tucker 1941
Claude D. Boyd Annie Laura Boyd 1955
Edgar R. Broadway Annie Lee Broadway 1946
F. G. Chipley Annie Lee Chipley 1933
R. W. Roberts Annie Lee Roberts 1906
R. W. Roberts Annie Lee Roberts 1906
Henry Lucky Annie Lewis Lucky 1947
William C. Williams Annie Lois Williams 1945
Charles Joseph Burgess Annie Lou Burgess 1953
Russell Greene Annie Lou Greene 1946
Henry Wilson McCall Annie Lou McCall 1950
Gilmer James Newell Annie Louise Newell 1932
Henry H. Weatherly Annie Louise Robinson Weatherly 1943
W. L. Etheredge Annie Lucille Etheredge 1925
Waddell Barber Annie Mae Barber 1944
Booker T. Byrum Annie Mae Byrum 1954
Clyde L. Fesperman Annie Mae Fesperman 1947
James Givens Annie Mae Givens 1954
H. E. Gunthorpe Annie Mae Gunthorpe 1945
Prince D. Hatley Annie Mae Hatley 1939
Guy H. Pankey Annie Mae Pankey 1940
Will Smith Annie Mae Smith 1950
James Arthur Underwood Annie Mae Underwood 1949
W. M. Vaughn Annie Mae Vaughn 1950
William J. Whitley Annie Mae B. Whitley 1944
Lewis Eugene Tarleton Annie Mae Clark Tarleton 1948
Claude A. Wyatt Annie Mae Saul Wyatt 1942
William J. Brewer Annie Margaret Brewer 1935
William Darnell Annie May Darnell 1931
(Sam) Mack Fesperman Annie Miller Fesperman 1923
Herbert Y. Westmoreland Annie Nadine Westmoreland 1937
James R. Etheridge Annie Nellie K. Etheridge 1947
Paul E. Callahan Annie P. Callahan 1937
Bailey Hartsell Annie Pearl Hartsell 1932
James Calvin Johnson Annie Ree McCorkle Johnson 1952
William J. Treadway Annie Riley Treadway 1899
Herman Morgan Annie Robinson Morgan 1953
Granville Pitts Annie Ruth Pitts 1953
Granville Pitts Annie Ruth Pitts 1953
Leroy S. Davidson Annie S. Davidson 1933
Edward D. Thomas Annie S. Thomas 1895
Henry Bing Annie Smart Bing 1944
George Mothery Annie Springs Mothery 1917
Fred J. Neal Annie Viola Neal 1944
A. J. Hartsell Annie W. Hartsell 1923