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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
L. C., Mrs. Bright A. G. Bright 1910
O. C. Bright Bertha Bright 1910
Willie Lee Brown Ed Brown 1910
Margaret L. Caton E. C. Caton 1910
Jennie Cox Fred Cox 1910
Sam Gilliam Josphine Gilliam 1910
Quinnie S. Hinson J. L. Hinson 1910
John Johnson Silva (Silvie) Johnson 1910
Amanda J. King Pink King 1910
Nannie Melton A. D. Melton 1910
Mattie Moore F. G. Moore 1910
Thomas Plummer Henrietta Plummer 1910
Thomas Plummer Henrietta Plummer 1910
John P. Smith Arlena Smith 1910
Julia V. Smith J. R. Smith 1910
Susie Ardrey John Ardrey 1911
Jennie C. Baker William Baker 1911
Ernest H. Brown Ethel Griffin Brown 1911
Andrew Byers Katie Byers 1911
Joe C. Campbell Margie Scarboro Campbell 1911
Jerry M. R. Coggins Mary Lou Coggins 1911
Janie Cunnings Daniel Cunnings 1911
Lula (alias Lula Stockton) Grant James (alias James Gates) Stockton 1911
T. V. Griswold Nellie Griswold 1911
Connie Gurley W. D. Gurley 1911
Mary Hall R. E. Hall 1911
Foy Henderson Mary Ann Henderson 1911
Elmore (L. Eleanor) Jarvis John L. Jarvis 1911
Annie Kelly Eli Kelly 1911
Joe Klouse May E. Klouse 1911
Laura Laney S. L. Laney 1911
J. J. Lowrance Katie Lowrance 1911
Lillian May Martin R. T. Martin 1911
Grace Mason James L. Mason 1911
H. B. Massey Emma Massey 1911
Maggie McCombs Parks McCombs 1911
Eugenia F. McKenzie W. W. McKenzie 1911
C. D. McWhirter E. V. McWhirter 1911
Johnsie Orr Frank Orr 1911
Annie Pea Henry Pea 1911
Harry V. Pettit Lillian Reeves Pettit 1911
Della Russ Henry Russ 1911
Della Russ Henry Russ 1911
E. E. Skinner R. Della Skinner 1911
E. E. Skinner R. Della Skinner 1911
James L. Tate Dora Tate 1911
J. E. Watkins Vera Watkins 1911
Hattie L. Yates Jesse Yates 1911
Esther Howie John Howie 19115
M. B. Barrett Lula Barrett 1912
S. L. Bearden J. W. Bearden 1912
Della Benson A. M. Benson 1912
James Berry Pearlie Berry 1912
Bertha Biggs James Biggs 1912
Watson C. Cathey Lizzie Cathey 1912
Rosa Craig J. C. Craig 1912
Millie Crayton T. J. Crayton 1912
Essie Donaldson W. B. Donaldson 1912
A. D. Duncan Emma Duncan 1912
I. V. Hooper Laura G. Hooper 1912
George W. Ireland Ella Mae Ireland 1912
T. L. Jerome Mary Jane Jerome 1912
J. V. McCorkle Lydia Brooks McCorkle 1912
Eliza McKee Lee McKee 1912
S. E. Messner Lillian F. Messner 1912
Josie A. Misenheimer D. T. Misenheimer 1912
William Morrow Dora Morrow 1912
Samuel Morse Leona Morse 1912
George F. Myers Julia Myers 1912
James Nash Emily Nash 1912
Bell O`Brien Jack O`Brien 1912
J. R. Paul Mary Paul 1912
Walter B. Petty Lizzie Petty 1912
Frank Smith Hattie Smith 1912
Maggie Thompson Hamp Thompson 1912
E. C. Walls Mary Walls 1912
Lila Whisnant Walter Whisnant 1912
Ed D. White Hattie White 1912
Lillie M. White R. L. White 1912
John Williams Anna Williams 1912
R. A. Wright Pearl Wright 1912
John H. Alexander Sudie C. Alexander 1913
A. L. Anderson Robert L. Anderson 1913
William Becoat Agnes Becoat 1913
Lou Ella Brown Isaac Brown 1913
C. P. Caraway Ellen Maud Caraway 1913
Albert Cole Eliza Cole 1913
Mollie E. Coltharp W. H. Coltharp 1913
Daisy Couser Frank Couser 1913
Marshall Curry Mattie Curry 1913
Adolphus A. Davidson Mary Means Davidson 1913
Lillian Davis Isaac Davis 1913
W. T. Davis Dona L. Davis 1913
Maggie Dixon William Dixon 1913
Lula F. Ervin Samuel E. Ervin 1913
Fannie Fry O. L. Fry 1913
Manuel Gable Mattie Gable 1913
Marvie (L. M.) Gordon F. (Fayett) G. Gordon 1913
N. W. Griffin Mary Ellen Griffin 1913
Martha Harris Ed Harris 1913