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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Charles, III Weisbecker Amelia Lister Weisbecker 1943
J. C. Faulkenberry Amelia Pierce Faulkenberry 1940
W. F. Moss Amelie Bailey Moss 1946
Mildred McBrayer Amos McBrayer 1925
Marie Buck Amos A. Buck 1937
Maggie Green Amos Clyde Green 1930
Brunett Parker Amos Floyd Parker 1935
Irene C. Long Amos M. Long 1946
Eva Mae Honea Grant Amos Mason Grant 1944
Viola Lyda Gaither Amos S. (alimony) Gaither 1928
J. G. Alexander Amy Lee Bowens Alexander 1933
George L. Fisher Amy Osborne Fisher 1944
Baxter Brown Amy Vance Brown 1923
Janie Smith Wright Amzi Wright 1926
Virgil O. McSwain Anabel Wells McSwain 1955
Sallie Steele DuBose Quinn Anderson Quinn 1927
Sallie Steele DuBose Quinn Anderson Quinn 1927
Myrtle Baker Hewitt Anderson B. Hewitt 1946
Ophelia Graham DePompelonne Andre DePompelonne 1949
Annie Dunlap Andrew Dunlap 1955
Pauline Lumpkins Andrew Lumpkins 1899
Clara Wallace Perry Andrew Perry 1953
Daisy Sellers Andrew Sellers 1946
Daisy Sellers Andrew Sellers 1946
Beatrice Orr Stevenson Andrew Stevenson 1954
Beulah M. Tart Andrew Tart 1944
Martha Martin Thomashefsky Andrew Thomashefsky 1949
Callie M. Allen Andrew A. Allen 1935
Helen A. Martin Andrew A. Martin 1945
Lula Deal Andrew Elmore Deal 1945
Mattie Hughes Lambert Andrew G. Lambert 1942
Mary D. Rohleder Andrew H. Rohleder 1943
Mary D. Rohleder Andrew H. Rohleder 1943
Frances Hamrick Andrew J. Hamrick 1941
Dixie Herring Conner Andrew Jackson Conner 1955
Mildred Louise Knight Andrew Otho Knight 1935
Lois H. Hicks Andrew Thurman Hicks 1944
Elizabeth Robinson Andrew W. Robinson 1929
Elizabeth Robinson Andrew W. Robinson 1929
Eularae Bowers George Andrew Weston George 1938
Annie Gallman Andy Gallman 1950
Maggie Springs Andy Springs 1897
Ruby B. Wood Andy H. Wood 1952
Annie Mae Jenkins Andy Lee Jenkins 1941
Revell Dunlap Jenkins Andy Lee Jenkins 1949
E. W. Powers Angeline G. Powers 1950
E. W. Powers Angeline G. Powers 1950
J. P. Baxley Angeline McMillian Baxley 1929
Wallace McLillie Angie McLillie 1903
Varneen Irwin McDonald Angus C. McDonald 1945
Mason Guthrie Anish Ray Danford Guthrie 1948
James Hunter Ann Hunter 1887
Ted Wight Ann Wight 1937
Jefferson C. Sutherland Ann Andrews Sutherland 1942
Richard N. Hood Ann Baker Hood 1946
Hayden Lee Brown Ann Bass Brown 1954
Guy M. Duncan Ann Breedlove Duncan 1939
Mofford V. Bustle Ann Craig Bustle 1954
Thomas Jefferson Ann Eliza Jefferson 1888
J. F. Sweet Ann Marie Gallagher Sweet 1949
H. W. Hilton Ann Thomas Hilton 1937
Joe Cunningham Anna Cunningham 1917
Reuben Cureton Anna Cureton 1905
J. W. Finley Anna Finley 1945
E. Jarmon Anna Jarmon 1940
Harold Munger Anna Munger 1945
Joseph Waren Snader Anna Snader 1943
John Williams Anna Williams 1912
W. M. Williamson Anna Williamson 1934
Richard (a.k.a. Richard Corley) Evans Anna B. Corley 1945
Elias Collins Anna Barber Collins 1946
Milton John Hutchinson Anna Belding Hutchinson 1940
Walter A. Hatley Anna Belle Hatley 1947
Gordon L. Holdam Anna Belle Wright Holdam 1944
Leroy E. Johnson Anna C. Johnson 1953
W.L. Wood Anna C. Wood 1941
Leroy Edward Johnson Anna Cecilia Johnson 1948
John J. Strating Anna F. Strating 1943
Dilbert E, Sr. Hess Anna Frances Hess 1953
Rufus B. Overcash Anna Gibson Overcash 1955
Sylvester Albert Freund Anna Karr Freund 1948
G. James Whitmire Anna Lee Whitmire 1948
Leven Glenn Anna Lee Evans Glenn 1942
Lonnie Shivers Anna Lee Stone Shivers 1943
Lonnie Shivers Anna Lee Stone Shivers 1943
E. D. Case Anna Lynch Case 1941
Millard F. Purcell Anna M. Purcell 1953
Millard F. Purcell Anna M. Purcell 1953
Lewis M. Baker Anna Marie Baker 1942
Richard Couley Anna Massey Couley 1943
James Everette Spencer Anna Minoski Spencer 1948
Floyd Summey Anna Ruledge Summey 1946
Will Barringer Anna Scott Barringer 1920
W. G. McCall Anna Trull McCall 1948
Parks C. Cochran Anna Wilson Cochran 1951
Wallace Thomas Braddock Annabell Cummings Braddock 1950
Jacob Alexander Annabelle Alexander 1948
Russell P. Parrish Annabelle Gamble Parrish 1931
Frank Giltner Brewer Anne Bullitt Brewer 1933
William Lakeson Anne G. Lakeson 1944