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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Lola Burke Curtis Burke 1934
Louise Burke Jesse Burke 1946
Pascal Henry, Jr. Burke Mary Ann Self Burke 1942
Homer L. Burkhart Mary E. Burkhart 1940
Fletcher Wash Burkhead Lois Dean Burkhead 1933
Myrtle Louise Burkholder George H. Burkholder 1954
A. L. Burks Grace Jones Burks 1943
Isabelle Burleson Albert Burleson 1945
W. B. Burleson Mattie Burleson 1941
Wilcie Poplin Burleson Howard J. Burleson 1945
Eddie Burnett R. M. Burnett 1948
Emma Strube Burnett W. L. Burnett 1921
Hattie L. Burnett Harry G. Jolly 1953
Margaret H. Burnett John H., Jr. Burnett 1949
Vera Burnett Will Burnett 1923
Valeria Medford Burney Grady J. Burney 1951
Fred R. Burns Daisy Hayes Burns 1945
Helen Rebecca Burns Paul Henkle Burns 1928
Lucille Burns William Burns 1945
Margaret Tate Burns Lonnie D. Burns 1950
Paul F. Burns Ethel Mae Burns 1941
Paul M. Burns Doris C. Burns 1943
Ruby Hildreth Burns William Henry Burns 1954
Elizabeth T. Burr G. M. Burr 1946
Ernest Burr Annie F. Burr 1953
Ernest Burrage Nona Robinette Burrage 1946
Lillian Burrage Robert G. Burrage 1934
R. G. Burrage Lilllian Burrage 1930
Nell Burrell Will Burrell 1935
Jean F. Burris Charlie C. Burris 1945
Mabel Berniece Burris Raeford D. Burris 1949
Daisy B. Burroughs C. C. Burroughs 1926
Eva Funderburk Burroughs Robert Burroughs 1930
Charles Burrows Ruth Burrows 1937
Ralph R. Burrows Mattie L. Burrows 1938
Annie V. Burt Elbert H. Burt 1953
Edith Griffith Burt James P. Burt 1954
Annie Davis Burton Baxter Burton 1951
Ruby Pauline Burton J. D. Burton 1943
Marvin C. Burts Juanita C. Burts 1939
Frances Stowe Burwell Lewis C,. Jr. Burwell 1953
Carl Attaway Busby Elizabeth McNeil Busby 1939
Hilda E. Busby James A. Busby 1941
Wilma A. Moore Busby William V. Busby 1947
Edward Bush Annie Brown Bush 1946
F. E. Bush Mabel Lucie Bush 1920
John M. Bush Esther Smith Bush 1954
Lomis Cook Bush J. Ford Bush 1948
M. E. Bush H. G. Bush 1948
Norman, Jr. Bush Henretta Howz Bush 1951
O. W. Buskey Ruby L. Buskey 1947
Oscie W. Buskey Melba M. Buskey 1941
Mofford V. Bustle Ann Craig Bustle 1954
Anne Butler George W. Butler 1939
Betty J. Butler Tollie E. Butler 1953
Cora Butler A. C. Butler 1916
Ernest Butler Sara Butler 1944
John Butler Henrietta Price Butler 1946
Joseph Butler Hannah Black Butler 1934
Lena Boone Butler Herbert G. Butler 1953
Marion Butler Vivian Wood Butler 1935
Myrtle Lefler Butler Pierce F. Butler 1940
P. F. Butler Eucal Ann Shockley Butler 1944
R. V. Butler Ivor C. Butler 1946
Velma P. Butler Millard J. Butler 1947
William R. Butler Effie Louise Butler 1946
Emily Myrtle Suycott Button Allen M. Button 1951
Joseph Miles Byars Grace H. Byars 1939
Amanda Byers Stephen Byers 1890
Andrew Byers Katie Byers 1911
Andy Byers Lou Byers 1899
C. M. Byers Sara Sherman Byers 1942
Ed Byers Louisa Byers 1897
Hazel W. Byers Eldwyn L. Byers 1939
Ina Byers Clyde Byers 1945
John Henry Byers Sarah Byers 1938
Kelley Monroe Byers Grace Armstrong Byers 1934
Sara Sherman Byers C. M. Byers 1943
Sylvester Byers Ola Byers 1924
Tinnie Byers Ben Byers 1921
Viola S. Byers Sylvester Byers 1951
Maude Bynum Sam Bynum 1938
Willie E. Bynum James L. Bynum 1945
Lillian McEliece Byram Robert D. Byram 1939
Grace Byrd Henry E. Byrd 1939
Lorene M. Byrd Darwin Byrd 1929
Marvina Byrd Nancy Jane Byrd 1942
Mildred B. Byrd Albert B. Byrd 1947
W. B. Byrd Frances G. Byrd 1945
Booker T. Byrum Annie Mae Byrum 1954
Clarence Byrum Inez Byrum 1953
Ernest H. Byrum Kate Byrum 1935
Esther T. Byrum William E. Byrum 1951
J. W. Byrum Margaret C. Byrum 1946
Kate Kennington Byrum Ernest Byrum 1934
Mary Elizabeth Byrum Lindsey T. Byrum 1946
Robert Jerome Byrum Rose Ailen Byrum 1954
William E. Byrum Esther T. Byrum 1949
William V. Cabeche Helen Cabeche 1938
Clara Elena Cabiness Thomas G. Cabiness 1951