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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Frances Ann Brumley James B. Brumley 1947
H. E. Brummell Lucille Carson Brummell 1942
Lucille Carson Brummell Herbert E. Brummell 1941
Lucille W. Brummett Frank W. Brummett 1951
Fannie Bruner Charles A. Bruner 1904
G. D. Bruns Helen Coles Bruns 1944
Joan Jonas Bruns George Duffie, Jr. Bruns 1955
Cecil Brunson Wilva Lee Brunson 1939
Cornelia Threatt Brunson Fred E. Brunson 1944
Grace Brunson Claude Brunson 1914
J. E. Brunson Maggie Smyre Brunson 1930
Mildred Laverna Brunson Sylvester Brunson 1939
Mabel Bruton James Bruton 1934
Margaret Bizzell Bruton William James Bruton 1948
Martha Lyles Bruton Don Williams Bruton 1948
Rose M. Bruton Edwin C. Bruton 1934
Zelma O. Bruton Edwin C. Bruton 1954
Anna Bruza Frank Bruza 1914
John L. Bryan Rebecca Bryan 1921
Josie Bryan Edward Bryan 1946
Alma Bryant W. F. Bryant 1928
Bettie H. Bryant Ira S. Bryant 1954
Betty Roberts Bryant Girson Carl Bryant 1951
Estelle Phillip Bryant Robert Coley Bryant 1947
Fay D. Bryant Clifford H. Bryant 1949
Grace Martin Bryant Ashton L. Bryant 1948
Helen Jean Bryant Elmore Mitchell Bryant 1950
Helen Louise Hennen Bryant Robert Edgar (alias George Robert Bryant) Bryant 1955
Margaret Laney Bryant Walter Bryant 1954
Martha B. Bryant R. M. Bryant 1930
Robert L. Bryant Inda Farmer Bryant 1951
Rosa C. Bryant H. P. Bryant 1937
Vicque Bryant Oglather Sellars Bryant 1933
Daniel Bryce Laura Bryce 1904
Grace H. Bryson Thomas A. Bryson 1949
John W. Bryson Bessie R. Bryson 1947
Arthur James Buchanan Marion Smith Buchanan 1940
Eugene T. Buchanan Helen T. Buchanan 1945
George Buchanan Florence Lee Buchanan 1948
Della Buchannon Jesse Buckannon 1935
Marie Buck Amos A. Buck 1937
Vernon A., Jr. Buck Annye C. Buck 1951
Rendy Lou Whitley Buckaloo Eugene A. Buckaloo 1952
Wardell Buckhalter Charles James Buckhalter 1948
Doris C. Buckley Edward A. Buckley 1949
P. H. Budd Mary Stone Budd 1939
Meta Husing Bude William Bude 1926
Carolyn M. Buff Jospeh F. Buff 1949
Lillie Shore Buff Joe F. Buff 1953
J. W. Buford Ida Buford 1928
Sarah Elizabeth Buford James t. Buford 1941
Pauline Lassiter Bullard Clarence Edward Bullard 1949
Virginia Pearl Bullard Elget Vernon Bullard 1949
Callie H. Bullin Robert Nelson Bullin 1947
Mary Workan Bullin R. N. Bullin 1941
Robert N. Bullin Mary Fox Bullin 1939
Elizabeth Bullington Fred Curtis Bullington 1944
Kathryn Griswold Bullock William R. Bullock 1949
Lena Marie Bullock Hoke Pershing Bullock 1950
Dollie (Belk) Bumgardner Thomas B. Bumgardner 1944
Gaither L. B. Bumgardner Reola L. Baumgardner 1949
Sonia Sandra Bumgardner Ned R. Bumgardner 1948
Doris Whitehead Bumgarner Arbuth Odell Bumgarner 1943
Kenneth Lee Bumgarner Claire Bumgarner 1947
Velma Veoria Bumgarner Harry Delbert Bumgarner 1955
William Thomas Bumgarner Faye Bumgarner 1968
Charles Bunch Rosemary Reilly Bunch 1940
Elizabeth S. Bunch Charles Bunch 1949
Ella Mae Canipe Bunch James Whitfield Bunch 1941
Burgess Bunn Norma Jean Woods Bunn 1951
Frances Bunn A. J. Bunn 1937
Grace Mann Bunn Norman Randolph Bunn 1942
Wentworth Orval Bunton Mary Evelynn Rink Bunton 1951
Ross C. Bupp Dorothy Campbell Bupp 1949
Billie Anne Burch Arnold Burch 1949
Frank Burch Ruth Ratcliff Burch 1945
Laura Burch Richard Burch 1945
Rosa Lee Burch John H. Burch 1953
Barnette Jones Burchfield Lorene Crisp Burchfield 1947
Glayds Ester Burchfield Frank Edward Burchfield 1928
Margaret Burchfield Hough C. Burchfield 1951
Elizabeth Calhoun Burden Daniel Griffin Burden 1944
Olile Mae Burden Hoyt Berry Burden 1949
Vesta Burdette Clay Burdette 1929
Jessie Burge E. Spencer Burge 1940
Alice Dunn Burgess W. C. Burgess 1934
Charles Joseph Burgess Annie Lou Burgess 1953
Gloria A. Burgess Kenneth Lee Burgess 1955
Ila Mae Lawson Burgess Herman H. Burgess 1941
James Burgess Elizabeth Burgess 1938
Jonah B. Burgess Lillian Rebecca Burgess 1942
Louise Elizabeth Burgess Charles Robert Burgess 1934
Nettie Abney Burgess W. C. Burgess 1931
Nettie Abney Burgess William Chester Burgess 1955
Sarah Anne Burgess Silas M. Burgess 1936
Willie Smith Burgess O. F. Burgess 1930
Yates F. Burgess Lucille Petrick Burgess 1947
E. B. Burgin Lillie Rogers Burgin 1949
James E. Burgin Bunnie Elmina Burgin 1944
Isabella Louise Burke Jessie I. Burke 1946