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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Colon William Brown Eugene Brown 1946
Danetta Brown Doctor J. Brown 1955
Daniel Brown Josephine Moore Brown 1928
David A. Brown Charlotte M. Gibson Brown 1945
Edith L. Brown Foster Brown 1944
Ellis, Jr. Brown Rosa Lee Brown 1953
Elsie G. Brown Thomas I. Brown 1944
Emma Brown Esaias B. Brown 1951
Ernest H. Brown Ethel Griffin Brown 1911
Estelle B. Brown James H. Brown 1953
Etta Garris Brown James Emory Brown 1946
Evelyn Brown Jack Stanley Brown 1951
Evelyn Fincher Brown Boyd V. Brown 1944
Fannie Cunningham Brown John Brown 1946
Fannie L. Brown S. S. Brown 1937
Florence H. Brown A. G. Brown 1954
G. A. Brown Minnie L. Brown 1928
G. B. Brown Mamie Pearl (Gates) Brown 1946
G. L. Brown Nellie Mae Brown 1946
Gaynelle McGill Brown James Malcolm Brown 1953
Grace Henderson Brown Horace Gilmer Brown 1951
H. C. Brown Hazel Dell Swisher Brown 1934
H. Stanton Brown Cora Belle Brown 1935
Hayden Lee Brown Ann Bass Brown 1954
Hazel Beatrice Brown Vernon Estes Brown 1951
Helen D. Brown James E. Brown 1937
Herman A. Brown Louise L. Brown 1946
Hilda S. Brown Cecil F. Brown 1949
Hugh S. Brown Claudine Leonard Brown 1945
Irene Brown James E. Brown 1946
J. McC. Brown Sadie Brown 1918
James E. Brown Eunice Greenhill Brown 1946
James J. Brown Mildred Brown 1945
Joe C. Brown Wannie McCaskill Brown 1946
John Brown Mary Brown 1900
John Brown Izetta Brown 1947
John Brown Elizabeth Brown 1949
John E. Brown Helen Williams Brown 1941
John E. Brown Hattie Brown 1955
Jospeh Wesley Brown Alphea Brown 1944
Laura Jane Hewett Brown James J. Brown 1947
Lawrence Brown Katherine K. Brown 1957
Leason Brown Mildred Brown 1946
Lettie S. Brown Will Brown 1922
Lillian Brown D. G. Brown 1932
Lillie Mae Brown Leighton C. Brown 1939
Lou Ella Brown Isaac Brown 1913
Louis A. Brown Elizabeth F. Brown 1947
Louise Young Brown J. C. Brown 1952
Lucille Gantt Brown James Fred Brown 1945
Lucille H. Brown Bernard L. Brown 1951
Lura Kathryn Brown Jack Albert Brown 1954
Maisie Emmaline Brown Robert Brown 1950
Mamie Brown Thomas Brown 1954
Margaret E. Brown George W. Brown 1943
Margaret P. Brown William Monroe Brown 1952
Margret Barkley Brown William Sedney Brown 1948
Marie F. Brown Robert W. Brown 1925
Mary Brown Henry Brown 1945
Mary A. Brown Drew Everett Brown 1951
Mary Lucille Brown Willie Young Brown 1937
Mary Sidmore Brown Jack K. Brown 1940
Maxine W. Brown Samuel G. M. Brown 1950
Mayme S. Brown Clinton L., Jr. Brown 1943
Michael Ray Brown Billie Ratliff Brown 1967
Myrtle Brown Robert Warren Brown 1950
Nancy Clark Brown Wallace B. Brown 1954
Ned Brown Violet Brown 1896
Ralph J. Brown Etta Brown 1952
Rebecca B. Brown William M. Brown 1944
Rosa Hill Brown Jack S. Brown 1946
Rosa Lee Brown Barney Barnes Brown 1942
Rosetta Berry Brown James Emanuel Brown 1950
Ruth Bivens (alias Ruth Roach) Brown Harold W. (alias Harold Roach) Brown 1947
Ruth Bivens (Roach) Brown Harold W. (Roach) Brown 1947
Ruth W. Brown Clifford W. Brown 1935
S. L. Brown Margaret M. Brown 1945
Samuel Brown Sally Mae Brown 1945
Samuel G. M. Brown Maxine L. Brown 1951
Selma N. Brown Wilfred Y. Brown 1949
Thomas W. Brown Sadie Gardner Brown 1954
Van Hazel Brown William Brown 1948
Vera Brown David Brown 1921
Viola Brown Charlie Brown 1922
Viola Brown J. F. Brown 1930
Viola Brown Joe J. Brown 1914
W. L. Brown Roberta R. Brown 1940
Walter B. Brown Virginia Mae (Ferris) Brown 1948
Walter I. Brown Miriam Askew Brown 1942
William Arthur Brown Selma Morgan Brown 1945
William Young Brown Mary Lucille Brown 1935
Willie Lee Brown Ed Brown 1910
Zoda Ellen Brown James Edgar Brown 1943
James S. Browne Gertrude Day Browne 1944
Sarah White Browning Leland E. Browning 1945
Harriet Harmon Brownlee George, Jr. Brownlee 1934
J. W. Brumbray Helen W. Brumbray 1920
Bessie Brumfield John Brumfield 1918
Elizabeth Poole Brumfield J. C. Brumfield 1937
Willie B. Brumfield H. L. Brumfield 1935