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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Tilden C. Walsh Sara Pearson Walsh 1948
Alvin Walters Elnora Walters 1952
Blanche Walters Jerry B. Walters 1953
Carl Walters Helene Cason Walters 1942
Edith Walters Richard E. Walters 1946
Esther S. Walters J. Neal Walters 1945
Jean Walters John Boyd Walters 1946
Jerry B. Walters Gwen Biven Walters 1940
Loma Walters Ray Walters 1949
Margaret Shu Walters Johnnie W. Walters 1943
Mary Edith Walters Richard Elmer Walters 1948
Paul P. Walters Kathryn Honeycutt Walters 1943
Pearline Margaret Mullis Walters Tomie Earl Walters 1952
George S. Waltman Marion S. Waltman 1946
Annie Walton Edward Walton 1928
Luther Walton Ruth Smith Walton 1949
Annie Lou Ward Marion Franklin Ward 1954
Barbara Williams Ward Richard Bruce, Jr. Ward 1945
Ben Henry Ward Clara Cornelius Ward 1940
Claudia Cole Ward Fred Jackson Ward 1947
Delene A. Ward Jay L. Ward 1956
E. S. Ward Mamie Ward 1907
Frances Ward Walter G. Ward 1925
Frank D. Ward Mable W. Ward 1953
Frank W. Ward Marian Berry Ward 1942
Fred A. Ward Eugenia Ward 1935
Georgia Ward Thomas Henry Ward 1941
Henry Ward Carrie Rushing Ward 1932
Hilde W. Ward Riley C. Ward 1955
J. S. Ward Nannie Ward 1930
Jewel Hazel Ward James Edward Ward 1953
Leroy Edward Ward Velma Irene Ward 1945
Lottie Ward Henry Ward 1915
Marjorie Ward Stancil Pretchard Ward 1946
Martin Wade Ward Esther Davis Ward 1944
Pecola Frazier Ward David Ray Ward Ward 1942
Ruby Ward Zeb Ward 1944
Sarah McCurdy Ward James Edward Ward 1942
Toliver Posey Ward Millie R. Ward 1946
Velma Ward Otis Ward 1945
Carl O. Ware Donnie Hampton Ware 1953
Kathryne Kennedy Ware Lester Columbus, Sr. Ware 1950
Lester C. Ware Katharine Kennedy Ware 1943
Sylvester Ware Mary Abbott Ware 1950
Christine Warlick Robert Warlick 1955
Eugene Warner Christine Alexander Warner 1946
Inez Warner John Egbert Warner 1940
Norma Warnock John Warnock 1932
W. E. Warr Florence D. Warr 1953
Alice Whitfield Cain Warren Ralph Link Warren 1935
Annie Mae Warren A. F. Warren 1926
Callie Varnam Warren Albert F. Warren 1947
Ella Warren Thomas Warren 1902
J. C. Warren Georgia Martin Warren 1942
J. C. Warren Rilla Warren 1906
Marguerite Warren Jerome L. Warren 1966
Mildred Warren Jossie Emery Warren 1937
Sara Helms Warren John D. Warren 1948
Irene Watkins Cecil G. Watkins 1948
J. D. Watkins Mary Josephine Watkins 1953
J. E. Watkins Vera Watkins 1911
Jesse M. Watkins Nora Deal Watkins 1921
Rachel E. Watkins Herman E. Watkins 1953
Velma W. Watkins H. Haywood Watkins 1945
S. S. Watson Glennie D. Watson 1907
Sarah Watson Tomas K. Watson 1859
Vivian Tucker Watson John Walter Watson 1946
Dorothy W. Watt George A. Watt 1955
Mattie Louise Watt George Carlton Watt 1944
Clyde C. Watts Geneva G. Watts 1940
Edna Lee Watts George W. Watts 1941
Emily Goodman Watts John A. Watts 1946
Florence Watts W. B. Watts 1940
Gladys R. Watts Willie Watts 1951
Hattie Watts C. W. Watts 1913
John B. Watts Violet W. Watts 1951
Leslie Odessa Williams Watts Lewis Merritt (William) Watts 1950
Macon Henry Watts Beulah McFalls Watts 1943
Maggie Watts Charlie Watts 1927
Minnie B. Watts Roy W. Watts 1949
Minnie L. Watts Barney Watts 1949
Willie Lyles Watts Austin Watts 1943
Margie Campbell Waugh Melvin Waugh 1948
J. B. Wayne Ruth Belle Wayne 1939
Hughes A. Weant Faye Weant 1946
Mydelle McElrath Wear Joseph Little Wear 1951
Mattie Weatherford Troy L. Weatherford 1938
Freddie Weatherly Gilbert Weatherly 1940
Henry H. Weatherly Annie Louise Robinson Weatherly 1943
Charlie Weathers Maggie Bell Weathers 1946
Fred Weathers Minnie Bell Weathers 1955
Josephine Conner Weathers Nathaniel Weathers 1925
Myrtle Weathers Gus Weathers 1941
Pearl Harvey Weathers Fletcher Weathers 1943
Ruby West Weathers Monroe Howard Weathers 1949
William L. Weathers Elise B. Weathers 1944
Dessie Weathford Richard Thomas Weathford 1951
Buelah E. Carter Weaver H. D. Weaver 1921
Clyde Leon Weaver Nell Wheeler Weaver 1950
Fred H. Weaver Mary Elizabeth Weaver 1950