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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Katherine Vaughn Fred A. Vaughn 1943
Lottie Wilson Vaughn Willie Edward Vaughn 1922
W. M. Vaughn Annie Mae Vaughn 1950
Ada Vaughan Edward L. Vaughan 1933
Adelaide Vaughan William Chapman Vaughan 1939
Annie Vaughan W. M. Vaughan 1909
Edd Lee Vaughan Lillie Hazel Vaughan 1944
Nancy L. Vaughan Adon N., II Vaughan 1949
Peggy Stinson Vaughan C. J. Vaughan 1955
Demetrius John Vaselelius Mary Vaselelius 1955
Willard Varnadore William Hobson Varnadore 1942
Dorothy K. Vannort Bertram O. Vannort 1952
John R. Vann Adell Vann 1938
Leo Vanlandingham Caroline Vanlandingham 1884
Blanche Montgomery Vanhorn Hamilton William Vanhorn 1941
Bessie Lee Vanderlip James H. Vanderlip 1946
Hester S. Vanderlip Henry J. Vanderlip 1943
Mary Ann Vanderlip Charles Lewis Vanderlip 1934
William S. Vanderford Jacqueline L. Vanderford 1952
Lester Vanderburg Audry Grubbs Vanderburg 1951
Lester W. Vanderburg Fannie Thornburg Vanderburg 1951
Ida Bloomfield Vance John Vance 1935
Sam M. Vance Joda Beatrice Vance 1950
Otho Lee Van Poole Frances Hoopaugh Van Poole 1936
Otho Lee Van Poole Frances Hoopaugh Van Poole 1936
Sadie Van Ostrand Frank Van Ostrand 1927
Kathleen Van Hoy Charles E. Van Hoy 1951
H. W. Van Horn Gertrude Jane Van Horn 1936
Vera Caldwell Van Derburgh William D. Van Derburgh 1936
Louise Valentine Ralph A. Valentine 1934
Betty Fowler Val Buena Paul Val Buena 1946
Henrie Ussery Ralph O. Ussery 1924
Henrie Ussery Ralph O. Ussery 1934
Nell Mills Ussery William Duncan Ussery 1937
Alice Mae Braun Usiak Joseph A. Usiak 1949
Jud D. Usher WIlma Inez Usher 1947
Lola Eason Usher John Wesley Usher 1954
Margaret Leigh Upchurch Clyde Edison Upchurch 1942
Marian Upchurch George V. Upchurch 1944
James Arthur Underwood Annie Mae Underwood 1949
John L. Underwood Ola Mae Underwood 1949
Irene F. Uhre Edward Uhre 1951
Elizabeth Craig Hendley Tyson William I. Tyson 1944
Thomas Tyson Lillie Martin Tyson 1951
Ann Rutherford Tyser Robert R., Jr., Sgt. Tyser 1955
Ida Sparks Tyrrell Ned Tyrrell 1942
Evelyn Whittington Tyree Charles E. Tyree 1940
Carrie Twitty Shannon Twitty 1944
Geneva Twitty James Herman Twitty 1930
J. L. Twitty Amanda Crosby Twitty 1922
James Twitty Elizabeth Twitty 1939
Hautie Twisdale Aden F. Twisdale 1930
Connie Tuttle S. P. Tuttle 1930
Martha F. Tuttle William B. Tuttle 1954
George Tutt Mattie Simmons Tutt 1952
Louise J. Tuske Grace Byrum Tuske 1945
Kathleen W. Turvey Frank P. Turvey 1928
Annie B. Turton William U. Turton 1948
Thomas Turrell Yvonne Frelaut Turrell 1948
Alice L. Turner John A. Turner 1945
Attie Ree Turner W. H. Turner 1922
Bertie Donald Turner J. A. Turner 1923
Deane B. Turner Wilburn C. Turner 1941
Dorothy Frances Turner Claude Lee Turner 1946
Edith LaVerne Jones Turner Guy E. Turner 1944
Estelle Efird Turner James F. Turner 1943
Esther H. Turner Edward D. Turner 1928
Evelyn Boyd Turner Edwin Turner 1952
Grace Jett Turner Joel Turner 1944
Henry C. Turner Letha Mae Turner 1953
J. A. Turner Ona Martin Turner 1929
J. E. Turner Margaret Ovada W. Turner 1949
Jane V. Turner George Turner 1935
Janie Marcina Turner Jerome Wilson Turner 1950
Jessie Ruth Turner Walter Earl Turner 1936
Joe Perry Turner Mary Jane Turner 1953
Joyce H. Turner J. Ross Turner 1955
Kathleen P. Turner Joe Perry Turner 1944
Kathleen Watson Turner Paul M. Turner 1947
Luretta Turner C. A. Turner 1929
Martha Turner Charles, Jr. Turner 1951
Maude Turner Cecil N. Turner 1946
P. W. Turner T. M. Turner 1936
Pearl Query Turner Roy L. Turner 1936
Thad Turner Lela Mae Stalvy Turner 1944
William Scott Turner Pauline H. Turner 1953
Willie Deese Turner Woodrow Wilson Turner 1956
Withers Wilson Turner Clara Martha Turner 1952
Withers Wilson Turner Mary Frances Turner 1944
Elaine Elizabeth Turnbull F. Dail Turnbull 1924
Ruth Turnbull F. Dale Turnbull 1940
Annie M. Turnage Olive Leburn Turnage 1951
Oswald B. Tukes Syble Alexander Tukes 1942
Charles A. Tuggle Ida Evelyn Tuggle 1948
Elizabeth H. Tudor George C. Tucker 1936
Tillie Owens Tudor Richard, Jr. Tudor 1945
Ann Mills Tucker Ralph S. Tucker 1942
Anne Tucker Ralph Tucker 1946
Berry Lee Tucker Ruby Louise Tucker 1946
Betty Taylor Calvin Tucker Harry H. Tucker 1949