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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Isabel Howard Boland W. L. Boland 1945
Mary Hilda Bolch G. Glynn Bolch 1954
John S. Bolen Alice Westbury Bolen 1945
Earl H. Bolick Mary E. Bolick 1941
Edith Taylor Bolick Milton Ira Bolick 1948
Noma Keever Bolick Clyde V. Bolick 1940
Frances Bolin Sam Bolin 1950
Shuble Anderson Boling Thelma Irene Hearn Boling 1945
Elsie Crowell Bolinger Charles Edward Bolinger 1954
Mae Smith Bolton Clyde J. Bolton 1948
Leon J. Bombadier Mary E. (her photo in file) Bombadier 1916
Bertha Bonaparte Jacob Bonaparte 1943
Walter E. Bonds Eunice Linker Bonds 1938
Milledge L. Bonham Marjorie F. Bonham 1942
Claude Bonnar Rapelia Ford Bonnar 1930
James K. Booker Louise Hayes Booker 1942
Bennie Lee Bookman Stella Lee Bookman 1954
Cother W. Boone Beulah L. Boone 1946
Dixie Baker Boone Ernest L. Boone 1945
Dorothy Boone A. G., Jr. Boone 1953
Henry O. Boone Jeanette Edith Boone 1951
Vivian Buice Boone Charles Edward Boone 1941
Mildred Grant Boozer Thomas J. Boozer 1939
Doris Sherill Boring Hampton W. Boring 1951
Clara T. Borland John W. Borland 1942
Mary Lou Bosley Ronald Oren Bosley 1952
A. J. Bost Ruby Bost 1932
Albert Martin Bost Eleanor Coleman Bost 1940
D. J. Bost Evelyn Neal Bost 1943
Elma Beasley Bost Junious Lee Bost 1955
George Leighton Bost Zula Marie Bost 1946
H. B. Bost Nellie B. Bost 1949
Margaret Long Bost B. L. Bost 1943
Ruby Sheets Bost DeWitt Albert Bost 1949
Sylvester Bost Carrie Mae Dockery Bost 1949
Thelma Beaver Bost Myron K. Bost 1943
Harriett Harris Bostian David Boone Bostian 1933
Aline Bostic L. C. Bostic 1935
Etta Bostic Claude Bostic 1942
Boyce E. Bostion Dorothy C. Crider Bostion 1944
Mary Louise Bostion Boyce Earl Bostion 1946
Grace Johnston Boston Charles J. Boston 1945
Mathias Boulware Hattie Boulware 1904
Raleigh J. Boulware Samretta Boulware 1948
Roman Boulware Lois Shaw Boulware 1951
Willie McK. Boulware Geraldine Benton Boulware 1947
Charles M. Bousman Dorothy L. Bousman 1944
Richard E. Bowden Euna Collins Bowden 1952
Alice Hall Bowen Johnnie E. Bowen 1948
Alma Bowen Frank Bowen 1944
Annie Mae Bowen Fletcher Lee Bowen 1940
Charles Nathaniel Bowen Hattie Lou Mitchell Bowen 1938
Deo Bowen Nora Lee Bowen 1945
James M. Bowen Sarah L. Bowen 1907
Lillian Lunsford Bowen J. D. Bowen 1947
Alice Bowers Ira W. Bowers 1942
Elizabeth Bowers E. D. Bowers 1949
Irene Bowers Fred Bowers 1931
George H. Bowles Lona Hunnicutt Bowles 1950
H. A., Mrs. Bowles J. W. Bowles 1944
Ada Bowlin G. W. Bowlin 1918
Nellie Howie Bowling Anzen Lee Bowling 1937
Edna Bowman Charles R. Bowman 1924
Edna Guthrie Bowman Howell Vernon Bowman 1951
Effie Bowman Carr E. Bowman 1923
Frances Bowman Charles Bowman 1946
Jacqueline Bowser Joseph Bowser 1955
Katherine Newkirk Bowser Wilbert Bowser 1951
Jerome Boxhorn Blanche Boxhorn 1928
Brontee Boxx James W. Boxx 1944
Elma Katherine Boyce Albert Lee Boyce 1947
Anita Boyd M. J. Boyd 1941
C. A.. Boyd Nettie Boyd 1922
Charlie Boyd Maude Boyd 1944
Claude D. Boyd Annie Laura Boyd 1955
Florzell Boyd Willie Boyd 1944
James Boyd Mary Boyd 1945
James B. Boyd Estelle Boyd 1945
James L. Boyd Louise Campbell Boyd 1923
Julia Agnes Boyd Rufus F. Boyd 1946
Julia Davis Boyd R. Frank Boyd 1944
L. L. Boyd Janie G. Boyd 1936
Lennie Boyd Ray W. Boyd 1947
Lillian S. Boyd Burris Leon Boyd 1941
Mary Blacknall Boyd P. B. Boyd 1942
Mary Jane Barfield Boyd George David Boyd 1948
Mary Louise Boyd James W. Boyd 1940
Polly Petty Boyd Frank Boyd 1940
Rachael A. Boyd Alpheus K. Boyd 1884
Robert T., Jr. Boyd Viola Lee Lominac Boyd 1942
Totsie Boyd Johnnie Boyd 1946
Verna Powell Boyd Milton Vick Boyd 1942
Will Boyd Boyd Annie Bell Hampton Boyd 1946
William S.. Boyd Hattie D. Boyd 1941
Catherine Boyles John Boyles 1925
Charles W. Boyles Minnie Biggers Boyles 1954
Jack L. Boyles Maude Boyles 1947
Roxie Elba Biggers Boyles Charles W. Boyles 1949
Lloyd A. Boyte Ruth E. Boyte 1945
Louise Gillis Boyte Lloyd Alexander Boyte 1938