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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
John Will Blackmon Joyce Faye Chitwood Blackmon 1953
Margaret Allen Blackmon William R., Jr. Blackmon 1947
Mary Blackmon Roy Blackmon 1954
Norma Bridges Blackmon Waldo Neely Blackmon 1951
Odessa Ledford Blackmon Baxter Blackmon 1953
S. H. Blackmon Dorothy W. Blackmon 1951
Van Buren Blackmon Vionia (or Viola) Christenbury Blackmon 1949
Vernon O. Blackmon Curtiss L. Blackmon 1953
W. T. J. Blackmon Maggie J. Blackmon 1914
Y. L. Blackmon Currie Freeman Blackmon 1938
John A. Blackmore Pauline H. Blackmore 1947
William Blackshear Gloria Blackshear 1955
Agnes S. Blackwelder Carl D. Blackwelder 1940
Carrie Blackwelder Monroe Blackwelder 1908
Ella Mae Blackwelder Sidney H. Blackwelder 1934
L. J. Blackwelder Genola Blackwelder 1934
Mary M. Blackwelder James E. Blackwelder 1937
Myrtle Blackwelder Frank Blackwelder 1947
Viola Booe Blackwelder John S. Blackwelder 1935
Inez Blackwell Clyde Blackwell 1946
J. A. Blackwell Mavis Blackwell 1942
John C., Jr. Blackwell Winnie Branch Blackwell 1922
Sidney Hampton Blackwell Etta Beard Blackwell 1954
Virginia W. Blackwood Otho Ross Blackwood 1949
Annie Blair James Blair 1945
R. Lenoir Blair Mildred Broom Blair 1943
Roy L. Blair Frances Dorothy Muse Blair 1935
Harry G. Blaising Nella Blaising 1931
Richard Henry Blaising Charlotte Grimes Blaising 1940
Betty Sue Blake Willard L. Blake 1945
Christine Blake H. M. Blake 1919
E. F. Blake Edna Pate Blake 1946
Elizabeth Blake Alexander Blake 1944
Gladys Saunders Blake Julius A. Blake 1939
Hattie W. Blake E. W. Blake 1926
Jessie Blake Will Blake 1919
Viola Helms Blake John C. Blake 1931
J. J., Jr. Harrill Elza G. Blake 1924
Mamie Smith Blakely Charles Blakely 1929
Ruth Reid Blakely Pernell Blakely 1943
Annie Blakeney Barney Blakeney 1948
Hazle E. Blakeney Linson L. Blakeney 1948
Rosa Bell Blakeney W. Jerome Blakeney 1937
Stoy Blakeney Pearlene Gregory Blakeney 1942
Hazel Blalock William W. Blalock 1948
Lena Simpson Blalock George Alfred, Jr. Blalock 1944
Eugenia Mae Blanchard Marion Blanchard 1945
Raymond A. Bland Margaret O. Bland 1950
H. W. Blandford Margaret Louise Blandford 1930
Vesta Blaney W. F. Blaney 1934
Armand Wilbur Blankenship Emma Florine Strange Blankenship 1939
Evelyn P. Blankenship D. M. Blankenship 1934
Mildred Blankenship L W. Blankenship 1944
Nettie Blankenship Harry Blankenship 1914
Rosa Lee Blankenship A. J. Blankenship 1946
Ernest L. Blanton Zora Blanton 1935
Florence Blanton E. E. Blanton 1923
Frances Fulton Blanton Joe Blanton 1927
Ruth Watson Blanton Lorenzo Blanton 1940
Shannon H. Blanton Emma Lou Blanton 1953
Zora Blanton Ernest Blanton 1929
Haude Dacus Blaski Joseph Anthony Blaski 1947
Raleigh Blayton Lula Blayton 1946
E. T. Bleecker Mabel Latten Bleecker 1914
Thomas C., Mrs. Blencowe Thomas C. Blencowe 1935
Margaret Arney Blevins Grady Eugene Blevins 1949
Mabel Green Blood Robert Taitt Blood 1955
Lula Mae Bloodworth T. L. Bloodworth 1948
William H. Bloodworth Relena Hooks Bloodworth 1954
C. W. Blount Margaret Byrd Blount 1923
Pearlie Mae Blount William Edgar Blount 1946
Clara Walker Blue Arnold Calvin Blue 1953
Marceline Galloway Blume Henry K. Blume 1938
James Blunt Daisy Blunt 1955
George F. Boardman Glenna L. Boardman 1937
Joseph L. Boatner Lura Smith Boatner 1948
Richard Boatright Mary Boatright 1945
Frankey P. Boatwright Foster E. Boatwright 1949
Henrietta Ward Boatwright Alonzo Boatwright 1947
Thelma Holly Boatwright J. W. Boatwright 1939
Goldie Laura Boccardi Frank Boccardi 1948
Louise Bodie Bodie Joe H. Bodie 1944
Edward Boeckmann Nancy Sue Farlow Boeckmann 1947
Janice Proctor Boette Louis H. Boette 1928
Elizabeth Bogan J. W. Bogan 1936
F. A. Bogan Dorothy Bogan 1947
Nancy E. Bogan J. W. Bogan 1930
Margaret Henderson Bogany Israel Bogany 1950
Anna Boger Jake Boger 1902
D. B. Boger Catherine Ivey Boger 1943
Minnie Boger Caleb Boger 1904
Bernice Trexler Boggan W. K., Jr. Boggan 1925
Charles Boggan Ruby Boggan 1947
Ruby Boggan Charles Boggan 1945
Arnold Ray Boggs Mary Smith Boggs 1948
Callie Mae Boggs Aaron D. Boggs 1926
Mary C. Boggs Kenneth J. Boggs 1948
Anne Bohannon David L. Bohannon 1954
William Odell Boheler Wilma Boheler 1941
Helen Coles Boineau W. C. Boineau 1929