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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Mabel Wolfe Berardi Venard J. Berardi 1950
F. Berghorn A. Berghorn 1943
Annie Lauri Bernard R. L. Bernard 1928
R. L. Bernard Annie Bernard 1928
Vista Smith Bernard J. O. Bernard 1931
Harley C. Berry Josephine V. Berry 1951
James Berry Pearlie Berry 1912
Lonnie Berry Grace Berry 1940
Vera S. Berry John Russell Berry 1954
E. B. Berryhill J. R. Berryhill 1927
Irwin V. Bertuch Pauline Strauss Bertuch 1937
Ruth M. Bess James C. Bess 1954
Edward Thomas Best Ethel Louise Best 1949
Jane E. Best Edward E. Best 1947
Ben M., Jr. Betts Rochelle B. Betts 1942
Carrie P. Beverly Fred L. Beverly 1951
Elizabeth Beverly Benjamin Beverly 1951
Rachel Baird Biddy William E. Biddy 1949
Jannie Jenkins Bidgood Walter Bidgood 1942
Paerl Bielema Paul F. Bielema 1930
T. A. Bigger Beatrice Davis Bigger 1942
C. L. Biggers Martha Biggers 1916
Edward S. Biggers Fannie M. Biggers 1918
James M., Jr. Biggers Helen Roberts Biggers 1941
Margie Hill Biggers Sam J., Jr. Biggers 1947
Nellie Gray Biggers A. B. Biggers 1943
Patricia Biggers Biggers Alfred Gene Biggers 1957
Ralph W. Biggers Martha Ann Biggers 1953
Roy E. Biggers Mamie Lee Russell Biggers 1946
Sam J. Biggers Martha Mae Reading Biggers 1946
Frank Gordon Biggerstaff Dorothy Calvin Biggerstaff 1945
Ralph D. Biggerstaff Helen Wilborn Biggerstaff 1949
Bertha Biggs James Biggs 1912
J. W. Biggs Susan Biggs 1907
Malinda Hart Biggs Robert Hilliard Biggs 1944
Martha K. Bigham Isaac Leroy Bigham 1945
G. F. Biles Eunice M. Biles 1941
Carter G. Billings Celeste M. Billiggs 1949
Lillie M. Billings Edgar R. Billings 1948
Willette Billings John Edward Billings 1957
F. T. Billingsley Effie Billingsley 1931
Henry Bing Annie Smart Bing 1944
Fannie Lou Bingham Herman W. Bingham 1942
Sara D. Bingham Joe Thomas Bingham 1952
John M. Birmingham Voidia Smith Birmingham 1937
Ruth H. Birthright F. B. Birthright 1941
Frances Julian Bishop Harry Paul Bishop 1955
H. L., Mrs. Bishop H. L. Bishop 1928
James C. Bishop Louise Jones Bishop 1950
Malinda C. Bishop Willie William Bishop 1948
Pauline Adams Bishop Willie W. Bishop 1944
Ruth Taylor Bishop Edward Bishop 1953
Imogene Tyree Bissell Harvey Glen Bissell 1939
Annie James Bivens James Fred Bivens 1952
C. F. Bivens Hallie Jones Bivens 1950
John W. Bivens Mildred M. Bivens 1952
Zedia Mae F. Bivens Wilford Bivens 1951
Bernice Mangum Black Craig McKnight Black 1954
C. O. Black Winnie Withers Black 1934
David H. Black Ruth Morgenstern Black 1940
Edna Darnell Black J. W. Black 1939
Esther Mae Black Jimmie V. Black 1940
Ethel Prince Black Gonzales Black 1940
H. Black Kathryn Black 1935
Hattie Black Jessie Black 1946
Inez Mae Black Clinton Hugh Black 1932
J. P. Black Grace Black 1922
Lewis E. Black Jessie M. Black 1940
Mae Bentley Black Charles S. Black 1944
Margaaret Black Ed Black 1921
Margie Black R. R. Black 1939
Margie V. Black Thomas F. Black 1953
Marjorie H. Black Edward Lee Black 1950
Mary Lou Grier Black John Thomas Black 1952
Minnie Black Hollis Black 1927
Myrtle Elizabeth Black Lewis E. Black 1935
Nathaniel Black Jessie B. Black 1954
Sallie H. Black W. S. Black 1926
Samuel F. Black Nora Black 1893
Sara Fink Black Robert Black 1949
Thomas Franklin Black Mazie Wilkinson Black 1937
Winnie Withers Black C. O. Black Black 1929
Marion T. Clark Algie B. Black 1931
Connie Lucille Blackard William D. Blackard 1921
Joyce F. Blackburn Harry P. Blackburn 1953
Sallie D. Blackburn J. Thomas Blackburn 1931
J. F. Blackman Mary Adkins Blackman 1948
R. B. Blackman Helen S. Blackman 1941
Robert B. Blackman Helen S. Blackman 1945
Addie Blackmon Edward C. Blackmon 1918
Audna B. Blackmon Marion Blackmon 1952
Berenice Harley Blackmon G. M. Blackmon 1943
Cecil Y. Blackmon Lillian A. Blackmon 1941
Clara Beatress Blackmon James Bert Blackmon 1937
Currie Freeman Blackmon Yancey Blackmon 1936
Dorothy Blackmon Spurgeon Harris Blackmon 1951
Dwight B. Blackmon Georgia H. Blackmon 1952
George W. Blackmon Emily Blackmon 1903
H. Blackmon Laura B. Blackmon 1930
Henry Blackmon Mattie C. Blackmon 1953