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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
John Cartner Bessie Cartner 1922
Hattie Lou Cartrette John Emory Cartrette 1938
Katherine Hays Cartwright Alton B. Cartwright 1933
Oradell Carwell R. C. Carwell 1933
Dorothy Baker Case Clyde W. Case 1951
E. D. Case Anna Lynch Case 1941
Ector Case Cloremia Case 1946
Flora K. Case John W. Case 1951
Lee Case Evelyn Scott Case 1943
Rowlin Case Pauline Weaver Case 1940
Tom Case Ruby Day 1938
J. R. Casey Jennille Casey 1947
James A. Casey Mary Sherrill Casey 1950
Jesse C. Casey Sara Ellen Casey 1942
Annie L. Cash Jim Cash 1909
Mary Virginia Cash James Clay Cash 1955
Ruth S. Cash William A. Cash 1954
Russell M. Cashen Constance L. (Cashen) Brubaker 1946
William Wade Cashion Sophronia Crawford Cashion 1939
Harold Eugene Cashwell Nellie Margaret Cashwell 1947
Eloise W. Caskey Neal L. Caskey 1946
Jennie Caskey R. S. Caskey 1905
Nell Garmon Casner James Grant Casner 1952
Vestle S. Casper Virginia E. Casper 1951
Ethel William Cassady Rufus Charles Cassady 1949
Lula Faye Davis Cassidy Louis Ashton, Jr. Cassidy 1946
Wilma Hager Castor Edmond A. Castor 1949
Louis D. Caterina Louis D., Mrs. Caterina 1936
Louise Caterina Louis D. Caterina 1941
Ann Cates Fred W. Cates 1952
Frank Cathcart Rozenia Cathcart 1943
Ralph E. Cathcart Opal Carson Cathcart 1944
Viola T. Cathcart Charlie G. Cathcart 1939
E. K. Cathey May Cathey 1926
J. Price Cathey Flossie C. Cathey 1944
Price Cathey Thelma Cathey 1938
Watson C. Cathey Lizzie Cathey 1912
William T. Cathey Laura M. Cathey 1937
Josephine Catledge Jake Catledge 1942
Mary Raymelle Cato Lloyd Ross Cato 1948
Nancy McClure Cato Thomas Cato 1932
Ruth Small Catoe Johnnie Catoe 1935
Edward Lee Caton Wilma Barnett Caton 1954
Margaret L. Caton E. C. Caton 1910
Pauline Catron Claude Raymond Catron 1948
Katherine P. Cauble John M. Cauble 1954
Charles Basil Caudle Edith Grant Caudle 1945
Edna Irene Caudle James Okley Caudle 1939
Ethel Russell Caudle James J. Caudle 1940
William L. Caudle Florine Washam Caudle 1948
Juanita Caulder Shelton Caulder 1943
Charles Shelby Causey Mabel Craig Causey 1939
Idell Cauthen Lovic Cauthen 1936
J. Z. Cauthen Susanne Broome Cauthen 1927
Ruby Cauthen George A. Cauthen 1934
Tom S. Cavalaris Ella Cavalaris 1936
Ethel Cavender Fred Cavender 1940
Elizabeth A. Caveness Shelley B. Caveness 1951
Mary B. Cavin William M. Cavin 1948
Amanda Cavness J. F. Cavness 1920
Erma Cavney Ansel Cavney 1935
Harry Cawn Martha Ann Cawn 1954
Libby Berlin Cawn Harry Cawn 1961
Eugene Chaisson Sadie L. Chaisson 1953
Blanche R. Chalker Grady C. Chalker 1935
Louise Chalmers T. E. Chalmers 1944
Addie Chambers William Chambers 1923
Ida Chambers John Chambers 1908
Julia D. Chambers James Chambers 1927
K. H. Chambers Besslie Mae Chambers 1935
Clyde Richard Champion Margaret Irene Hovis Champion 1948
Rosilie Brannon Champion Broadus Dewey Champion 1926
Mildred N. Chance John R. Chance 1945
Edna Lyles Chancey John W. Chancey 1927
Allie Chandler Louie Chandler 1940
Alva Barr Chandler Sally Ethel Chandler 1939
Bertha Chandler George Chandler 1920
John Chandler Lucy Ann Chandler 1920
John Andrew Chandler Mary Martin Chandler 1947
Anna Soltis Chaney Otto Preston Chaney 1938
Maggie Chaney A. B. Chaney 1918
Nina Bryson Chaney Harry L. Chaney 1952
Elizabeth Fowler Chaplin George O`Hear Chaplin 1932
Robert L. Chaplin Dorothy McC. Chaplin 1952
Blanche Chapman Horace B. Chapman 1946
Edna Graham Chapman J. H. Chapman 1947
Feriba S. Chapman William R. Chapman 1907
Frances Chapman Roy C. Chapman 1953
Inez M. Chapman Harold R. Chapman 1961
Josie Chapman Emanuel Chapman 1934
Mary Chapman Ernest L. Chapman 1935
Ruby Mae Chapman Ernest L. Chapman 1940
William Daniel Chapman Emma Marie Taylor Chapman 1952
A. A. Chappell Elizabeth Thomas Chappell 1932
Doris A. Chappell Paul T. Chappell 1946
Lois Tarleton Chappell Clarence J. Chappell 1942
S. P. Chappell Eunice Chappell 1895
Mae Poe Charles Ernest Earle Charles 1947
Roland Chartier Aurore Rondeau Chartier 1949
Mary Chase Julian T. Chase 1927