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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Lula Belle Steele Bobby Jean Steele 1953
Mabel Steele James P. H. Steele 1919
Mary Steele Edgar Montgomery Steele 1938
Robert J. Steele Lillie M. Steele 1922
Rose Benzenhoefer Steele Ernest Schroeder Steele 1954
T. F. Steele Carrie Steele 1946
William C. Steele Lillie H. Steele 1946
Naomi Steel Will Steel 1946
Pearlie Steedly Eddie T. Steedly 1945
Polly Hamilton Stedman Robert H. Stedman 1944
R. Haywood, Jr. Stedman Annette Dana Lomax Stedman 1938
W. H. Steakley Bertha Viola Steakley 1924
Lucy Stauffer J. C. Stauffer 1924
Fay Staton J. B. Staton 1916
Lant Burris Staton Charles McArthur Staton 1950
Maggie Jane Staton Phillip Columbus Staton 1949
Marjorie Jones Staton James R. Staton 1951
Reece H. Staton Billy T. Staton 1945
Alice Starnes James Starnes 1917
Annie Luticher Starnes Odes K. Starnes 1932
Bright E. Starnes Henry W. Starnes 1953
Carolyn Mullis Starnes Gurney Funderburk Starnes 1955
Connie K. Starnes Woodrow W. Starnes 1955
Doris F. Starnes Marshall C. Starnes 1950
Elizabeth Starnes Clifford Starnes 1943
Evelyn Mildred Starnes O. T. Starnes 1951
Fanchion Starnes Judge W. Starnes 1917
Frances Caldwell Starnes Collier Benson Starnes 1947
Fredonia Starnes Vernon Starnes 1925
Grace Starnes Glenn Starnes 1933
Huey Starnes Grace Ellen Starnes 1944
Huey A. Starnes Mamie Ruth Starnes 1946
Isabelle Starnes J. H. Starnes 1955
Jannell Upton Starnes Edward Lee Starnes 1943
John G. Starnes Laura Doris Starnes 1955
L. P. Starnes Theo Overcash Starnes 1950
Margaret Spurlock Starnes Brice Starnes 1944
Mildred R. Starnes Parks L. Starnes 1953
Ordway Starnes Beulah Starnes 1943
Robert Grady Starnes Myrtle V. Starnes 1939
Thomas W. Starnes Margaret O. Starnes 1949
Will Martin Starnes Mary Starnes 1944
Varneene Cox Stark L. R. Stark 1946
Carolyne Marie Stapp Robert F. Stapp 1942
Fannie C. Staplefoot Thamer (Thomas) Staplefoot 1945
Bennye Rhea McCarty Stansell Charles Ernest Stansell 1942
Ann Jeanette Stanley Jesse W. Stanley 1948
Carla Pratt Stanley Henry M. Stanley 1951
Ethel Pauline Stanley Jessie W. Stanley 1954
Jessie Stanley Saide Irene Stanley 1945
Lucius J. Stanley Elodie C. Stanley 1950
I. Standiford Clara Boyd Standiford 1940
Katie Stancill Charlie Stancill 1923
Essie Stancil B. F. Stancil 1928
Mary Helen Stancil C. R. Stancil 1926
Mary L. Stancil Charles R. Stancil 1919
Margaret S. Stamper Marshall B. Stamper 1947
Lillian Phillips Stamp Edmond Stamp 1936
Beatrice Burris Stamey Paul Stamey 1945
Claude Stamey Stella Stamey 1941
E. B. Stamey Allie Stamey 1922
Blanche D. Stallings P. H. Stallings 1935
Clarence W. Stallings Bliss Yandle Stallings 1931
H. A. Stallings Lila C. Stallings 1934
Mary Lou Stallings James Stallings 1952
Matthew P. Stallings Lillie M. Stallings 1947
A. Staley Ethel Staley 1930
Janie R. Staley Carl G. Staley 1947
William C. Staib Edna M. Staib 1949
William L. Stage Adele Ivey Stage 1952
Alice Stafford Joe Stafford 1942
Emma R. Stafford N. C., Jr. Stafford 1954
Irene Ballard Stafford Willard Stafford 1945
R. W. Stafford Marenda C. Stafford 1928
Reamer W. Stafford Annie Wallace Stafford 1948
A. Morehead, Jr. Stack Hanna Mcneill Stack 1933
Margaret Burns Stack Oliver Jones, Jr. Stack 1949
Margie Broome Stack H. J. Stack 1947
Minnie Stack Eldon Stack 1947
William R. Stack Martha Ann Gordon Stack 1954
Annie Mae W. Stacey Harry J. Stacey 1947
W. E. St. John Bertha McCall St. John 1951
W. E. St. John Bertha McCall St. John 1951
Margaret St. George William A. St. George 1924
Margaret St. George William A. St. George 1924
Alfred C. St. Clair Ora Mae Johnson St. Clair 1947
Alfred C. St. Clair Ora Mae Johnson St. Clair 1947
W. D. Squires Sarah Frankie Squires 1943
Beatrice Mayhew Spurrier Wilbur F. Spurrier 1942
Henrietta Washam Spurrier R. H. Spurrier 1937
Lillie Spurrier F. A. Spurrier 1925
Lonnie L. Spurrier Prim Spurrier 1921
Stella Spurrier Larry P. Spurrier 1942
Thelma Spurrier Samuel Spurrier 1942
Ada May Spurlock A. E. Spurlock 1929
Madeline K. Spurlin Herbert W. Spurlin 1939
Esther Sprouse B. B. Sprouse 1935
Fred E. Sprock Ethel Betty Dunn Sprock 1934
Marie Grant Sprinkle Max Edwards Sprinkle 1955
Bessie Springs J. M. Springs 1928