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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Ray Templeton Virginia Lee Brooks Templeton 1951
William Larry Templeton Lucielle Patricia Templeton 1947
Frederick Harlan, Jr. Temple Margaret Bingham Temple 1952
Ira Temple Odell Jackson Temple 1936
Ella Teeter William W. Teeter 1929
James Teeter Beatrice Teeter 1940
Ruth Nexbitt Teeter E. M. (aka Jack Carter) Teeter 1922
Betty Louise Teasley Glenn Rufus Teasley 1942
Jesse Teasley Clara D. Teasley 1933
James Mills Teal Carolina Lanier Teal 1945
A. T. Teague Pearl Teague 1931
Annie Teague Quez A. Teague 1944
Edward F. Teague Viola P. Teague 1953
Faye Donaldson Teague Hall Crowson Teague 1946
Lena Mae Teague R. B. Teague 1947
Lucille W. Teague Bailey Teague 1951
Madawaska C. Teague Arnold P. Teague 1946
Martha Teague Fred Teague 1935
Nola Teague Bryan Teague 1949
William Earl Teague Willie May Teague 1942
Annie Mae Helms Taylor Charles Herman Taylor 1946
Betty Jean Taylor James Daniel, Jr. Taylor 1949
Betty Lovelace Taylor Joseph Sylvester Taylor 1943
Billie Gaye Taylor Jonah Monroe Taylor 1953
Bruce Taylor Thelma Jackson Taylor 1948
Carrie Taylor Frank Taylor Taylor 1923
Clyde Clarence Taylor Ada Louise Bowen Taylor 1941
Connor E. Taylor Esthyr V. Taylor 1942
Connor Edward Taylor Virginia Green Taylor 1947
Daisy Irene Taylor William M. Taylor 1941
Dorothy Taylor Wilbert E. Taylor 1945
Earl Taylor Ellen Odell Taylor 1939
Edna H. Taylor Marvin J. Taylor 1948
Ernest Taylor Maggie Taylor Taylor 1905
Ethel Thompson Taylor Raymond Taylor 1946
Eula Taylor C. L. Taylor 1941
Eva Ford Taylor Floyd Kemp Taylor 1949
Floyd Taylor Ruby Virginia Taylor 1934
Francenia McGarity Taylor Arnold Judson Taylor 1954
Fred A. Taylor Louise Rodden Taylor 1931
Freddie Funderbuck Taylor Samuel Taylor 1951
Gillie A. Taylor Grady H. Taylor 1944
Hazel Pruitt Taylor Thomas H. Taylor 1944
Henrietta Mann Taylor Charles Edward Taylor 1953
Irene Steele Taylor Joseph Elphondso Taylor 1951
Julius H. Taylor Rosa P. Taylor 1935
Katharine Stepp Taylor Robert G. Taylor 1929
Leona A. Taylor J. H. Taylor 1940
LeRoy Taylor Laura Taylor 1923
Lester Coyt Taylor Charlotte Taylor 1947
Lila Taylor Leroy Taylor 1923
Lillie Mae Taylor Isaac Bradley Taylor 1947
Lois E. Taylor F. V. Taylor 1929
Louise F. Taylor F. A. Taylor 1930
Marguerite Hunter Taylor Charles Morrison Taylor 1951
Mary Colon Taylor Clyde Clayton Taylor 1954
Mary S. Taylor Charles Taylor 1901
Maude D. Taylor Orville J. Taylor 1947
Mildred Bernice Taylor Joseph Silvester Taylor 1940
Nellie Taylor Columbus Taylor 1945
Neola Grier Taylor W. Guy Taylor 1909
Nona Pearl Taylor Warren James Taylor 1945
Ora A. Taylor Oliver H. Taylor 1932
Pauline Pressley Taylor Clifford Taylor 1950
Ruth Kathleen Eplee Taylor Limberth Davis Taylor 1949
T. D. Taylor Johnsie C. Taylor 1950
T. J. Taylor Zelma Nora Taylor 1949
Vida B. Taylor Matthew C. Taylor 1931
Virginia Louise Mobley Taylor James Everett Taylor 1942
Virginia R. Taylor Richard S. Taylor 1948
W. P. Taylor Melvin Taylor 1916
Will Taylor Annie Taylor 1930
William Taylor Lucy Thomas Taylor 1944
William A., Jr. Taylor Mary Temple Taylor 1937
Dorman Davidson Tatum Elis Allen Tatum 1952
Josie Tatum A. D. Tatum 1950
Mime Tatum Owens Tatum 1922
Constance Ehly Tatro (Tetro) Robert John Tatro (Tetro) 1941
James L. Tate Dora Tate 1911
Linwood C. Tate Clara G. Tate 1948
Bronsell F. Tarte Billie Sapp Tarte 1945
Beulah M. Tart Andrew Tart 1944
Mabel Tart James A. Tart 1945
Pauline Edmundson Tart Fred W. Tart 1943
Rose Williams Tarrant Robert Marion Tarrant 1953
Margaret I. Fletcher Tarr Lawrence Joseph Tarr 1945
Mary K. Tarr Lawrence J. Tarr 1945
Thomas M, Lt. Tarplay Viola Esker Tarplay 1948
Margaret Tarlton Fred Tarlton 1939
Mary Bell Tarlton Robert Lee Tarlton 1944
Mel R. Tarlton Ruby Mae Tarlton 1946
Minnie Tarlton Henry M. Tarlton 1927
Robert Tarlton Esty Tarlton 1944
Bertha Helms Tarleton Robert Tarleton 1934
Lewis Eugene Tarleton Annie Mae Clark Tarleton 1948
Ollie Morris Tarleton Roy Tarleton 1945
Bernice Tarlton Fred Tarleton 1943
Earl Tarlton Margaret Joyce Cox Tarleton 1954
J. C. Tarlton Bessie Lee Tarleton 1938
J. C. Tarlton Dora T. Tarleton 1923