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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Nora Hopkins Hilderman W. C. Hopkins 1919
W. J. Hilton Lillian Hilton 1919
Lillie Jackson O. D. Jackson 1919
B. O. Johnson Georgia S. Johnson 1919
Callie Johnson Henry Johnson 1919
Lee G. Kinard Ella Key Kinard 1919
Mary Kirker Isaac Kirker 1919
Addie Kisiah S. M. Kisiah 1919
Martha Elizabeth Sibley Kistler Donald Veme Sibley 1919
Ada Long Lewis Long 1919
J. E. McCanless Mattie McCanless 1919
Georgia Meares Fred Meares 1919
Robert Millings Corine Grier Millings 1919
Charles P. Mitchell L. Ellen Mitchell 1919
Amanda Pee John Pee 1919
Lucy Wade Pollock Benjamin A. Pollock 1919
Lucy Wade Pollock Benjamin A. Pollock 1919
S. F. Ritch Corrie L. Ritch 1919
S. F. Ritch Corrie L. Ritch 1919
Catherine Robinson Eli F. Robinson 1919
Catherine Robinson Eli F. Robinson 1919
Bessie V. Rudisell Jesse B. Rudisell 1919
Bessie V. Rudisell Jesse B. Rudisell 1919
Jane Seigle Thomas (aka Bud) Seigle 1919
Jane Seigle Thomas (aka Bud) Seigle 1919
M. M. Simpson J. H. Simpson 1919
M. M. Simpson J. H. Simpson 1919
Mary L. Stancil Charles R. Stancil 1919
Mabel Steele James P. H. Steele 1919
Harry E. Straw Clara Straw 1919
Mary Page Sullivan W. H. Sullivan 1919
Nesbit Torrence Roberta Torrence 1919
Lee White Lillian White 1919
Osborne White Hannah White 1919
Oscar Wilson Lillian Wilson 1919
Annie Howie Woodfin Charles B. Woodfin 1919
Laura Frances Alexander William K. Alexander 1920
Willie B. Alexander Harvey McKee Alexander 1920
William H. Allen Annie C. Allen 1920
F. M. Allison Minnie B. Allison 1920
Cleo Allred A. M. Allred 1920
Elizabeth R. Baker Samuel H. Baker 1920
Will Barringer Anna Scott Barringer 1920
Florence M. Beadle William A. Beadle 1920
H. G. Belk Kate L. Belk 1920
Ella Bell Garfield Bell 1920
J. H. Benton May Benton 1920
Edith Poteat Brawley Moses Brawley 1920
Beckie Brevard Jerry Brevard 1920
Lottie R. Brooks Edward B. Brooks 1920
Robert Lee Brooks Sallie Brooks 1920
W. F. Brooks Willie Brooks 1920
J. W. Brumbray Helen W. Brumbray 1920
F. E. Bush Mabel Lucie Bush 1920
Albert Caldwell Vivian Caldwell 1920
Otha Cardwell Wilmer Blackmon Cardwell 1920
J. W. Carraway Emma Rollins Carraway 1920
Amanda Cavness J. F. Cavness 1920
Bertha Chandler George Chandler 1920
John Chandler Lucy Ann Chandler 1920
William T. Clark Margaret L. Clark 1920
Julius Colack Katy Colakc 1920
Rosa Coles Joseph S. Coles 1920
Janice May Cook Ervin W. Cook 1920
Roxie Curtis M. J. Curtis 1920
Myrtle Davidson Columbus Davidson 1920
Eunice Davie Ben Davie 1920
LeRoy Davis Carrrie Davis 1920
Sudie Davis H. K. Davis 1920
Katherine Dees George Dees 1920
Lonie Donaldson Cleave Donaldson 1920
Carrie Frazier Edney R. N. Edney 1920
Sam Ellison Della Ellison 1920
M. F. Fisher Annie Fisher 1920
John F. Foster Bertha Foster 1920
Myra Fredericks T. A. Fredericks 1920
Deliah Givings Hugh Givings 1920
Betty C. Gordon J. D. Gordon 1920
Margaret Graham Harrison Graham 1920
Macie A. Griffin James F. Griffin 1920
Isaac Hackley Lena Hackley 1920
Bessie May Harrell J. P. Harrel 1920
Bessie Harrellson Boyd Harrellson 1920
Arie Hayes Daniel Hayes 1920
Lucy C. Hayes J. W. Hayes 1920
Hattie Haynes Clifton Haynes 1920
Anna E. Holt Edwin W. Holt 1920
Katie May Horne Willie J. Horne 1920
Forrest Jackson Lilly Jackson 1920
Will James Ethel James 1920
A. J. Johnson Essie Johnson 1920
R. H. Jordan Marie H. Jordan 1920
Ellen Elwood King Robert C. King 1920
John W. Knight Louise Knight 1920
Hattie Lawrence William Lawrence 1920
James Mack Mary Belle Mack 1920
Eva Maddrey Paul Maddrey 1920
Blanche Manning Maurice D. Manning 1920
W. S. Marshall Eulah Marshall 1920
Ollie McGinnis Russell McGinnis 1920