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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Raymond P. Willeford Lucille Willeford 1929
Ruby Willbanks Perry Willbanks 1937
Ben F. Willard Emma Willard 1923
Carolyn G. Willard Lewis Willard 1944
Ethel Willard Edward Willard 1933
Maggie Willard Ben F. Willard 1934
Pearl Willard Clyde H. Willard 1926
Elizabeth H. Wilkinson T. Harvey Wilkinson 1944
James F. Wilkinson Reba Thorne Wilkinson 1940
Kathleen Wilkinson Martin Wilkinson 1928
Sara L. Wilkinson Clyde L. Wilkinson 1948
Louise W. Wilkins Willie F. Wilkins 1939
Odessa O`Donoghue Wilkins J. P. Wilkins 1925
Paul H. Wilkins Louise G. Wilkins 1940
Alice Wilkie James Wilkie 1917
Ben Wilkes Lula Alexander Wilkes 1908
Duncan L. Wilkes Stella G. Wilkes 1952
Lois Wilkes Therrell Wilkes 1947
Lula J. Wilkes Wade M. Wilkes 1924
Mabel Wilkerson Lock Wilkerson 1929
J. W. Wilhelm Mary Wilhelm 1931
Mollie Wilhelm William Wilhelm 1908
Shirley Stephens Wilhelm Ted Eugene Wilhelm 1954
W. F. Wilhelm Sarah C. Wilhelm 1942
A. R. Wiley Hettie Johnston Wiley 1893
Georgia Wiley Leroy Wiley 1951
Hazel Ward Wiley Garnett Wiley 1946
Helen Wiley J. E. Wiley 1923
M. Broxton Wiley Frederick V. Wiley 1948
Mahalie Wiley George Wiley 1921
Sara Kincey Wilcox Robert P. Wilcox 1953
J. M. Wilce Grace Wilce 1943
Katie W. Wilce J. M. Wilce 1944
Daniel Wilburn Lola Wilburn 1944
H. P. Wilbanks Edna Wilbanks 1935
Dolores P. Wikoff Frederick C., Jr. Wikoff 1957
Ted Wight Ann Wight 1937
H. O. Wiggins Margaret Wiggins 1946
Laudee Wiggins Forrest O. Wiggins 1939
Lillian c. Wiggins Fred J. Wiggins 1948
Delia Wiegand Carl Wiegand 1920
Woodrow Wideman Dorothy McCoan Wideman 1945
Edwin O. Wicks Muriel P. Wicks 1946
Mildred Wickland Douglas E. Wickland 1953
Della Whitworth David Whitworth 1937
Floyd W. Whitworth Ruth Sweat Whitworth 1949
Georgia A. Whitworth Floyd W. Whitworth 1941
Margaret Ross Whitworth Floyd W. Whitworth 1941
Marvin H. Whitworth Doris Whitworth 1943
Ocie Whitworth David D. Whitworth 1944
Barbara F. Whittington James M. Whittington 1963
Clarence Lee Whittington Mabel Lucile Barnhart Whittington 1944
Louise Cornell Whittington William Desmond Whittington 1945
Willie Kelly Whittington Wade H. Whittington 1943
Bonnie Whitten James Whitton 1937
Dewey Whitson Ida Whitson 1921
Lillian Maddox Whitner James Harrison Whitner 1945
Early Whitmire Bertha Whitmire 1935
G. James Whitmire Anna Lee Whitmire 1948
Odella Whitmire Daniel Whitmire 1925
R. L. Whitmire Virginia Whitmire 1937
Benjamin Whitlock Esther May Whitlock 1937
Amos P. Whitley Blanche H. Whitley 1951
Belzora H. Whitley Clifford Whitley 1940
Billie Sue Whitley E. T. Whitley 1953
Ethel Cleo Whitley James D. Whitley 1946
G. D. Whitley Harriet Whitley 1898
James Lee Whitley Sarah Joe Whitley 1942
Joe J. Whitley Catherine Landers Whitley 1950
John L. Whitley Essie Whitley Whitley 1916
Johnny A. Whitley Joyce Ann Whitley 1948
Katherine Waugh Whitley Cromer J. Whitley 1945
Lila Faye Whitley Eugene Thomas Whitley 1946
Lillie Mae Whitley Johnny Alexander Whitley 1951
Lucille Hicks Whitley Farl Whitley 1942
Mae Jones Whitley Johnny Alexander Whitley 1949
Margie Prince Whitley Floyd Whitley 1941
Peggy Cress Whitley Baxter Gray Whitley 1947
Ruby Heafner Whitley W. L., Jr. Whitley 1945
W. R. Whitley Pansy R. Whitley 1946
William J. Whitley Annie Mae B. Whitley 1944
James A. Whitfield Cynthia Whitfield 1927
Mattie Thacker Whitfield Stanley M. Whitfield 1938
Mildred Searcy Whitesides Hayward Marshall Whitesides 1952
Catherine Elva Whiteside J. W. Whiteside 1943
J. P. Whiteside Minnie Whiteside 1923
Mary Alice Whiteside Frank Whiteside 1944
Estella S. Whitener C. H. Whitener 1940
L. L. Whitener Myrtle Whitener 1926
Rose Finger Whitener Joseph Andrew Whitener 1940
W. D. Whitener Maxine Whitener 1943
Allen White Julie White 1916
Annie White Houston White 1929
Betty McCall White Jake Reid White 1948
Clark M. White Lillian Clark White 1949
E. D. White Beulah White 1923
Ed D. White Hattie White 1912
Edna White George E. White 1943
Emma Woods White Perry Dare White 1931
Flora Lesem White Charles B. White 1927