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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
W.L. Wood Anna C. Wood 1941
Walter R. Wood Elizabeth H. Wood 1946
Edward William, Sr. Womack Elizabeth Bell Womack 1947
Ethel Beatrice Womack A.F. Womack 1937
R. L. Womack Madie Kistler Womack 1935
Robert Wolford Eloise Smith Wolford 1954
E. H. Wolff G. Marion Wolff 1935
Charles S. Wolfe Julia Louise Wolfe 1940
Edward Theodore Wolfe Esther Rae Wolfe 1941
Helen Carleen Lemmond Wolfe John Miller Wolfe 1948
Jessie H. Wolfe Willie Wolfe 1945
Marceille M. Wolfe Robert F. Wolfe 1952
Virginia Sanders Wolfe William L. Wolfe 1944
Dorothy Brissey Wofford Benjamin Franklin Wofford 1950
Fred A. Wofford Maud Wofford 1948
Grace W. Witzal Harold G. Witzal 1941
H. G. Witzal Wynona E. Witzal 1946
Meryl S. Witten Alvin E. Witten 1966
F. D. Witherspoon Ida Witherspoon 1937
Libby Witherspoon Hazel Witherspoon 1947
Pauline Frances Witherspoon Thomas D. Witherspoon 1944
Robert Witherspoon Irene Witherspoon 1924
Teddy R. Witherspoon Masrain D. Witherspoon 1937
Tommye Witherspoon Melvin T. Witherspoon 1956
Ben Withers Josephine Withers 1926
C. D. Withers Flossie Withers 1930
Elizabeth Ross Withers James Samuel Withers 1946
Gordon Withers Minnie Black Withers 1953
Isaac Withers Lela Withers 1931
John Robert Withers Emma Withers 1937
Joseph Dell Withers Edith Thomas Withers 1944
Lelia Withers Isaac Withers 1948
Mildred Withers Robe Withers 1952
Mitchell Withers Mary Withers 1928
Sadie Withers Charlie W. Withers 1937
Estelle B. Wiseheart G. A. Wiseheart 1925
Jesse Wise Roseanna Killian Wise 1944
Pearl Wise Ed Wise 1945
Richard Wise Artie Wise 1943
Ethel Wisdom Grover Cleveland Wisdom 1932
Aubrey Winston Agatha S. Winston 1952
Alice R. Winner Gordon H. Winner 1950
Evelyn Mae Winkler Harlan Abraham Winkler 1947
Pearl Brinkley Winkler Fred A. Winkler 1945
Rachel Smith Winkler Charles Woodrow Winkler 1951
R. L. Wingate Ruby B. Wingate 1949
Robert Lee Wingate Florence H. Wingate 1946
William C. Wingate Willene K. Wingate 1952
William C., Pvt. Wingate Betty Jo Mullis Wingate 1945
Joseph T. Winfield Lera J. Winfield 1929
Vera Winfield Marvin Winfield 1933
Virginia Elizabeth Preslar Winfield Henry Boyce Winfield 1945
Edna Leon Winecoff James Henry Winecoff 1949
Emma A. Winecoff George F. Winecoff 1947
J. H. Winecoff Roy Barnett 1948
Dawn Sutton Windsor Jack William Windsor 1948
Lucille Windom Asborne Windom 1945
Joyce Ann Winchester Jerry Thomas Winchester 1954
Thomas L. Winchester Frances Ayers Winchester 1945
Zellie E. Wimbush Samuel W. Wimbush 1943
Mae Elizabeth Wimberly Arthur Eugene Wimberly 1939
A. J. Wilson Mary Blanche Wrenn Wilson 1945
A. L. Wilson Mattie L. Wilson 1914
A. W. Wilson Beulah Boyd Wilson 1939
A. W. Wilson Helen Ruth McNabb Wilson 1937
Annie Wilson James Wilson 1921
Blanche Biggers Wilson Willie Wilson 1945
Buna Lee Wilson Frederick R. Wilson 1949
C. E. Wilson Hattie Belle Wilson 1920
Carl C. Wilson Gussie B. Wilson 1954
Carl E. Wilson Ruby Blanche Wilson 1946
Carl R. Wilson Hilda Vann Wilson 1953
Carlos Eugene Wilson Mary Edith Wilson 1952
Carrie Wilson Lonnie Wilson 1923
Christine Baker Wilson Edwin Yates Wilson 1946
Deany Wilson Daniel Wilson 1920
Dorothy Wilson R. M. Wilson 1937
E. C. Wilson J. H. Wilson 1894
E. F. Wilson V. W. Wilson 1927
Earl C. Wilson Jessie A. Wilson 1945
Elizabeth Wilson James Wilson 1939
Elsie Turner Wilson Horace B. Wilson 1941
Evelyn Payne Wilson Warlick C. Wilson 1940
Flora Mae Wilson Howard Wilson 1954
Florine Wilson F. H. Wilson 1914
Floyd Edward Wilson Mary Rose Wilson 1948
Frank Wilson Ada Hatcher Wilson 1949
Frank S. Wilson Lucy Wilson 1944
George Eugene Wilson Martha Ann Terrell Wilson 1945
Geraldine Patricia H. Wilson Clarence E. Wilson 1946
Gladys Wilson T. L. Wilson 1927
Gladys Alberta Wilson Mack Wilson 1933
Gladys McCoy Wilson Howard W. Wilson 1946
Grace M. Wilson Louis D. Wilson 1935
Gus Wilson Lillian Nell Wilson 1950
Helen D. Wilson D. W. Wilson Wilson 1930
Henry Wilson Minnie Wilson 1903
Hoyt Lee Wilson Adellaide Wilson 1941
Inez Lear Wilson Charles H. Wilson 1944
Ionia Jones Wilson Floyd Wilson 1943