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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Susie McLees Todd Wayne A., Jr. Todd 1956
Virginia Perkins Todd J. W. Todd 1930
W. Scott Todd Frances West Todd 1948
Wilma H. Todd John G. Todd 1934
Eudora Tocci George Tocci 1927
Thomas Titus Etta Welsh Titus 1944
Helen H. Tipton Lawrence Ed Tipton 1944
Mary Hanna Tipton Ernest B. Tipton 1949
Roy Tinsley Sophie Tinsley 1932
Fay Harstin Tino Daniel Lewis Tino 1949
Roy V. Tinker Pearl Grant Tinker 1941
Mary M. Tinga J. H. Tinga 1946
Dorothy Williams Tincher Robert Tincher 1947
Coralie Timmons Paul D. Timmons 1930
Erlene Timmons Paul D. Timmons 1946
George Timmons Josephine Timmons 1915
Lillian M. Timmons A. M. Timmons 1931
Rodesta Timmons Virginia Timmons 1945
Allen, Jr. Tillman Sarah M. Tillman 1945
Grover Tillman Lillie Tillman 1944
William Tillman Dorathy Willman 1948
Cleo Martin Tilley Berta Batt Tilley 1947
Lee Roy Tilley May Rhyne Tilley 1945
Willa Tilley L. B. Tilley 1943
Anna Elizabeth Tillett William Dexter Tillett 1950
Mahaly Tillett Richard Tillett 1891
Zettie F. Tillett William Hamilton Tillett 1955
Bertha Stewart Tidwell Henry Tidwell 1943
Henry Tidwell Lillian Tidwell 1943
William Tidwell Bessie Tidwell 1946
Blandene Tidd Herbert C. Tidd 1953
W. H. Ticer Dorcas C. Ticer 1897
Pauline P. Blankenship Thurmond James W. Thurmond 1951
W. T. Thurmon Francis N. Thurmon 1896
Lillian Thuma Thomas Leroy Thuma 1944
Bertha Mae Thrower Thomas H. Thrower 1945
Essie Thrower Arthur Thrower 1929
Frank A. Thrower Vera A. Thrower 1945
Glennie Helms Thrower Archie W. Thrower 1949
J. W. Thrower Martha Ann Thrower 1934
Julia Thrower James Allen Thrower 1946
Naomi Thrower A. C. Thrower 1934
Rosietta Dover Thrower Paul Richard Thrower 1951
Everett A. Thrift Julia Thrift 1941
Herman P. Thrift Loucille Thrift 1940
John T. Threatte Ruth Brasington Threatte 1934
Clyde E. Threatt Thelma Threatt 1939
George L. Threatt Betty S. Threatt 1953
Gilbert H. Threatt Rosa Threatt 1948
James E. Threatt Della Threatt 1944
John J. Threatt Grace Sharpe Threatt 1952
Lilly May Threatt Julius T. Threatt 1944
M. S. Threatt Lula Mae Thomas Threatt 1944
Marian M. Threatt Odell V. Threatt 1937
Rosa Lee Knight Threatt Wesley Leroy Threatt 1953
Ruth Threatt Frank Threatt 1937
William Coyte Threatt Vaud Threatt 1924
Nellie Threat W. E. Threat 1948
Doris Elizabeth Thrasher Benjamin Franklin Thrasher 1945
Nathaniel Thorpe Gertrude Kesterson Thornton 1931
Guss Lee Thornton Thomas Clifton Thornton 1942
Gussie Sustare Thornton Thomas C., Jr. Thornton 1951
Irma L. Thornton Edward A. Thornton 1946
Loraine Thornton T. C. Thornton 1925
Maud Thornton Vernon Thornton 1931
W. E. Thornton Florence Thornton 1935
William J. Thornton Pearl Thornton 1926
Myrtle Thornley J. R. Thornley 1907
F. A. Thornburg Bessie S. Thornburg 1923
Grace Irene Thornburg Frank J. Thornburg 1946
J. T. Thornburg Minnie Thornburg 1946
Jack O. Thornburg Katherine Putnam Hammonds Thornburg 1951
Frederick A., Jr. Thomson Lucy Almand Thomson 1952
Agnes Gaze Thompson Haywood Brooks Thompson 1953
Amelia Fuller Thompson Leonard B. Thompson 1946
Annie Thompson Lacey Thompson 1925
Arta O. Thompson Jacob Thompson 1928
Bertha Beckham Thompson Robert Theodore Thompson 1953
Bessie F. Thompson G. F. Thompson 1943
Bettie Chaplin Thompson Charles Aycock Chaplin 1947
Callie D. Thompson Nellie Thompson 1942
Carrie (or Canie) Thompson John Thompson 1909
Charlie Furman Thompson Ella Thompson 1942
Clifford Odell Thompson Eva Agnes Reavis Thompson 1948
Delcenia Baskin Thompson Walter G. Thompson 1945
Dewey L. Thompson Bonnie Gardner Thompson 1951
Dorothy Thompson W. Crowell Thompson 1941
Edna Pope Thompson Frank J. Thompson 1953
Elisabeth J. Thompson Harold Thompson 1953
Ellen Stewart Thompson James B. Thompson 1938
Esther Thompson James W. Thompson 1937
Etta F. Thompson James E. Thompson 1946
Frances Thompson William Fletcher Thompson 1932
Garnalle Ray Thompson Ray Allen Thompson 1937
Gertrude S. Thompson Dale B. Thompson 1948
Harry L. Thompson Catherine Britton Thompson 1940
Hoyle J. Thompson Doris Hill Thompson 1953
I. D. Thompson Emma Seaboat Thompson 1946
James Henry Thompson Etta Mae Lambert Thompson 1946
Jennie Thompson Fred D. Thompson 1936