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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Deloris Proctor Tucker Charles W. Tucker 1945
Dwight N. Tucker Elsie Spurrier Tucker 1931
Erie E. Tucker Nina Parker Tucker 1947
George R. Tucker Annie L. Tucker 1941
Georgia Tucker G. W. Tucker 1928
Harold Dewey Tucker Johnnie Lee Huskey Tucker 1950
Kate Austin Tucker Luther Tucker 1926
Mary Ann Tucker Benny E. Tucker 1967
Pauline B. Tucker Berry E. Tucker 1950
Ralph Tucker Bernice Timms Tucker 1939
Ruby F. Tucker Berry L. Tucker 1945
Thomas Jefferson Tucker Alma Tucker 1936
Virginia M. Tucker Walter C. Tucker 1932
Willie Tucker M. W. Tucker 1940
Ada Trull J. B. Trull 1928
Janie Trull Claude Trull 1934
Maude Fannie Trull Paul Franklin Trull 1945
Virginia McKee Trull James R. Trull 1952
W. H. Truesdell Susie C. Truesdell 1935
Claude T. Truesdale Catherine T. Truesdale 1939
Eddie Truesdale Eva Lee Truesdale 1946
John T. Truesdale Ada Truesdale 1936
Margaret Helms Truesdale Claude T. Truesdale 1950
Jimmie Truelove Beulah Rhodes Truelove 1950
Carrie Hester Trueheart William Henry Trueheart 1951
Evelyn A. Truckly Frank Truckly 1953
J. D. Troy Lether Martin Troy 1953
Jacob C. Troutman Mary M. Troutman 1967
Anne Pease Trotter William Rufus Trotter 1953
Fred H. Troeger Dorothy Weldon Troger 1918
Eugene Tritz Minnie Tritz 1943
Martha Tritt U. R. Tritt 1920
Erlene Faircloth Triplett James T. Triplett 1941
Margaret Louise Triplett Edward Wilson Triplett 1951
Maggie Stitt Trimmier Harrison Trimmier 1948
Viola T. Trilsch William L. Trilsch 1939
Alma Trexler Bernard Trexler 1935
Ethel Trew Roy Trew 1927
Ethel Trew William Trew 1922
Frederick H. Trethewey Audrey Channel Trethewey 1948
Dorothy Ramona Gass Trent Maurice C. Trent 1947
Jimmy Franklyn Treadway Irene Coleman Treadway 1952
William J. Treadway Annie Riley Treadway 1899
H. M. Treadaway Lula Treadaway 1913
J. C. Treadaway Jane Treadaway 1906
Margaret Virginia Treadaway E. W. Treadaway 1953
Phyllis Beck Treadaway Edwin Nelson Treadaway 1942
W. H. Treadaway Bettie Brown Treadaway 1928
John Traynom Rossie Traynom 1932
Mary I. Travaglione Frank Travaglione 1930
Leona Trapp M. D. Trapp 1922
Sarah A. Trapp Marion C. Trapp 1940
Azalea Inman Trant Grady Trant 1942
Ruby Mae Tramell Clarence Tramell 1946
James G. Trakas Kanelio G. Trakas 1942
Maria Demas Trakas James J. Trakas 1946
Patsy Ruth Ferrell Trahan Rodney Joseph Trahan 1951
A. D. Townsend Tressa Townsend 1953
Charlie Townsend Ethel McKee Townsend 1932
Joseph F. Towns Beatrice E. Towns 1935
Evelyn Towe Vernon Luther Towe 1941
Andy Torrence Adeline Torrence 1923
Charlie William Torrence Annie Bell Gilleland Torrence 1940
Daisy Trapp Torrence James Torrence 1947
Ida Davis Torrence Fred James Torrence 1950
Jack Leonard Torrence Jessie Louise Torrence 1950
James Torrence Lucy Darnell Torrence 1942
Katherine G. Torrence William J. Torrence 1939
Nesbit Torrence Roberta Torrence 1919
Otho B. Torrence Mary J. Torrence 1953
Sarah Torrence Ben Torrence 1903
Tom Torrence Consevella Torrence 1927
W. M. Torrence Kathryne G. Torrence 1929
Wilson Mack, Jr. Torrence Edythe Hurd Torrence 1943
Robert C. Torrance Theodosia Torrance 1914
Mary Gilliam Torian Robertson Taylor Torian 1951
Loduskey Toomey John J. Toomey 1894
Catherine Toole L. K. Toole 1931
Gray J. Toole Laura Toole 1893
Nellie Toney Fred R. Toney 1945
Annie Tompkins Joseph P. Tompkins 1913
Ruby Mae Tommey Albert Marion Tommey 1933
Mary Johanna Tomlinson Elsa Block Tomlinson 1930
Eugenia H. Tomberlin James P. Tomberlin 1941
Clara M. Tomb Max H., Sr. Tomb 1930
Edna Tollison Oscar Tollison 1948
J. S. Tollison Carrie C. Tollison 1942
Oscar Tollison Eula Lee Tollison 1940
Oscar Tollison Sallie H. Tollison 1936
Bertha Todd H. W. Todd 1923
Bettie Watson Todd Marion E. Todd 1952
Blanche B. Todd Irwin R. Todd 1955
Clayton Forrest Todd Alice Stewart Todd 1951
Elizabeth M. Todd J. W. Todd 1942
J. C. Todd Eliza Todd 1908
John Robert Todd Alice Berton Todd 1952
Mary Elizabeth Todd James Williams Todd 1946
Mattie Mallard Todd Harvey A. Todd 1921
Robert L. Todd Ethel Holsclaw Todd 1944
Ruth Garnes Todd Haywood Wilson Todd 1937