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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Anna E. Holt Edwin W. Holt 1920
Anna Elizabeth Green F. E. Green 1908
Anna Elizabeth Tillett William Dexter Tillett 1950
Anna Frances Hess Dilber E, Sr. Hess 1953
Anna Frances Cloniger Reeves J. B., Jr. Reeves 1946
Anna Frances Cloniger Reeves J. B., Jr. Reeves 1946
Anna H. Mills Robert M. Mills 1947
Anna Hannon Scott Morris E. Scott 1948
Anna Hannon Scott Morris E. Scott 1948
Anna Humphrey Lawing Robert William Lawing 1938
Anna Lee Gray Lawrence Gray 1950
Anna M. Ruderman Leonard O. Ruderman 1949
Anna M. Ruderman Leonard O. Ruderman 1949
Anna Mae Bell John Henderson Bell 1953
Anna Mae Smith C. E. Smith 1935
Anna Maud Martin Richard Haywood Martin 1937
Anna McCorkle Minore Joseph Clinton Minore 1939
Anna Morton McGee James B. McGee 1937
Anna Nordan Strickland H. W. Strickland 1942
Anna Reese Hearn (e) Rayvon Hearn (e) 1953
Anna Soltis Chaney Otto Preston Chaney 1938
Anna T. Curley Patrick Allen Curley 1942
Anna W. Henderson S. T. (Alimony) Henderson 1941
Anne Bohannon David L. Bohannon 1954
Anne Butler George W. Butler 1939
Anne Ross R. H. Ross 1934
Anne Ross R. H. Ross 1934
Anne Tucker Ralph Tucker 1946
Anne Vickery Roland Vickery 1935
Anne Adelpha McIntire Jesse A. McIntire 1924
Anne B. Stone Courtney Leo Stone 1949
Anne C. Eminisor Kelly E. Eminissor 1953
Anne Elizabeth Kendrick Lewis Freeman Kendrick 1938
Anne Elizabeth Brown Caldwell Thomas Porter Caldwell 1951
Anne J. Dixon Durward E. Dixon 1945
Anne Mae Haynes Horton Stewert Price Horton 1945
Anne Orr Brown John Clinton Brown 1946
Anne Pease Trotter William Rufus Trotter 1953
Anne W. Jackson Clarence N. Jackson 1944
Anne Wayne Farman Delmar R. Farman 1921
Annete Smith James C. Smith 1941
Annette Henley Robert Lee Henley 1955
Annette Owens Foster Rex Earl Foster 1944
Annette Stewart Suber Alonzo Suber 1940
Annie Azer John Azer 1921
Annie Barkley William C. Barkley 1947
Annie Blair James Blair 1945
Annie Blakeney Barney Blakeney 1948
Annie Brewer Jasper W. Brewer 1950
Annie Darby T. L. Darby 1925
Annie Donaldson Oscar Donaldson 1922
Annie Dunlap Andrew Dunlap 1955
Annie Gallman Andy Gallman 1950
Annie Jenkins Perry R. Jenkins 1948
Annie Johnson John F. Hoke 1947
Annie Johnson Percy C. Johnson 1922
Annie Kelly Eli Kelly 1911
Annie Kimbrell Robert Kimbrell 1936
Annie Manning A. P. Manning 1922
Annie Massey Joe Wiley Massey 1907
Annie McClellan E. c. McClellan 1934
Annie Neely Alex Neely 1926
Annie Olyowski Edward R. Olyoski 1946
Annie Pea Henry Pea 1911
Annie Phillips Ernest Phillips 1938
Annie Reid Richard Reid 1881
Annie Reid Richard Reid 1881
Annie Teague Quez A. Teague 1944
Annie Thompson Lacey Thompson 1925
Annie Tompkins Joseph P. Tompkins 1913
Annie Vaughan W. M. Vaughan 1909
Annie Walton Edward Walton 1928
Annie White Houston White 1929
Annie Wilmore Charlie Wilmore 1952
Annie Wilson James Wilson 1921
Annie Alexander McDaniel Samuel J. McDaniel 1947
Annie B. Horne Ernest Horne 1945
Annie B. Turton William U. Turton 1948
Annie Bell Cunningham Robert Cunningham 1944
Annie Bell Kirkpatrick James Kirkpatrick 1949
Annie Bell Williams John Baxter Williams 1946
Annie Belle Mickles George Leslie Mickles 1947
Annie Belle Smith Harvey Smith 1945
Annie Brewer Baker George W. Baker 1952
Annie C. Aiken Edney M. Aiken 1926
Annie C. Almond Jethroe Almond 1897
Annie Caldwell Spencer Leonard Edward Spencer 1954
Annie Crane Sanders Frazier Sanders 1947
Annie Crane Sanders Frazier Sanders 1947
Annie Crenshaw Stover L. J. Stover 1942
Annie Davis Burton Baxter Burton 1951
Annie Elizabeth Woodside James Madison Woodside 1931
Annie Elizabeth Talbert Smith J. D. Smith 1944
Annie F. Crump Lonnie O. Crump 1943
Annie F. Sanford Benjamin J. Sanford 1900
Annie F. Sanford Benjamin J. Sanford 1900
Annie F. Sneed Walter R. Sneed 1949
Annie F. G. Flowe William Edward Flowe 1952
Annie Farmer Wooten James W. Wooten 1948
Annie Ferris Hatcher Jimmie Hatcher 1946