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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Lizzie Belton Cook Hennix Cook 1944
Marion Roberts Cook Ray G. Cook 1953
Martha Cook P. A. Cook 1950
Pearl D. Cook Boyd Cook 1946
R. R. Cook Olive Trainer Cook 1943
S. B. Cook Eva L. Cook 1950
Virginia May Cook P. W. Cook 1953
Wilbur Cook Catherine Cook 1953
Henry S. Cooke Marguerite W. Cooke 1946
Lonnie Brown Cooke Elba Louise Cooke 1941
Martha H. Cooke Adam Cooke 1936
Samuel Howard Cooke Dixie Pauline Cooke 1948
Mary Jane Maynor Cooke James Alfred Cooks 1949
Mary Helen O`Neill Cooler Howard Leonard Cooler 1955
Dessie Beacham Cooley Fred Cooley 1939
Jennie Barkley Coon Charles Coon 1940
Mary Estelle Ward Coone Marvin Jay Coone 1946
Elizabeth C. Cooner N. G. Cooner 1929
Alice V. Cooper L. W. Cooper 1909
Annie Ruth Cooper Henry Cooper 1949
Bertha M. Cooper David P. Cooper 1944
C. J. Cooper Irene Hamer Cooper 1950
Carolyn Ventress Ballard Cooper Harry Eugene Cooper 1952
Elizabeth B. Cooper W. M. Cooper 1938
Everett M. Cooper Mary Alice Cooper 1946
Foy Bell Cooper C. W. Cooper 1921
James E. Cooper Inez Beckham Cooper 1947
James Walter Cooper Rose Virginia Cooper 1943
Jesse Franklin Cooper Mae Lena Cooper 1949
Katherine Cooper Earle E. Cooper 1952
LeGetta Kennedy Cooper J. B. Cooper 1945
Mack W. Cooper Myrtice Gunter Cooper 1943
Nellie Allison Cooper Charles Columbus Cooper 1946
Nellie Freemon Cooper Charles C. Cooper 1954
Robert Earl Cooper Frances Elizabeth Hall Cooper 1943
Rosa Mae Cooper James Walter Cooper 1952
Thomas C., Jr. Cooper Azalee Brown Cooper 1953
Violet Lucille Cooper John Howell Cooper 1948
Walter R. Cooper May Boogs Cooper 1955
Lilly Copses Ernest G. Cooper 1934
Peggy McAlister Cooter Jack Cooter 1950
Rozella Cope Allen J. Cope 1945
A. M. Copley Johnsie M. Copley 1945
Aileen Shuford Coppala Charles W. Coppala 1955
Ernest G. Copses Lillie Copses 1934
Gus Copses Clara Belle Copses 1925
Lilly Copses Matthew Karras, Earnest G. Copses et al Copses 1934
Blandina Elizabeth Corbett Charles Montgomery Corbett 1954
Jacqueline R. Jordan Douglas A. Corbett 1947
Ruby M. Corder Walter H. Corder 1951
Lila Mae Corkern Winson Marvin Corkern 1945
DeWitt Corl LaVina Ann (Vina Ann) Corl 1942
Fannie Corley Walter Corley 1923
Richard (a.k.a. Richard Corley) Evans Anna B. Corley 1945
John C. Cornelious Bertie Johnson Cornelious 1917
Fate Cornelius Mary Cornelius 1924
Forrest T., Jr. Cornelius Ruth Madonnie Cornelius 1945
R. L. C. Cornelius Martha Cornelius 1905
Robert E. Cornelius Helen Cornelius 1933
Beatrice Peele Cornell Charles Harvey Cornell 1951
Elizabeth Allen Cornwell Willie Reid Cornwell 1937
Jack Harding Correll George Mae Knight Correll 1944
James P. Correll Annie E. Garrett Correll 1946
Joyce Ann Correll Pinkney Correll 1954
Mary R. Correll J. C. Correll 1952
Mildred Catherine Correll James P. Correll 1950
Myrtle Correll J. C. Correll 1927
Martha B. Costan Fred B. Costan 1932
Mary Louise Costello John E. Costello 1935
Fred Daniel Costner Estelle Hutchins Costner 1945
John Costner Mary Jane Costner 1899
Jean Threatt Cothran Frank H. Cothran 1953
Florence M. Cottingham Rufus M. Cottingham 1951
Dorothy P. Cotton S. Henry Cotton 1951
Samuel, Jr. Cotton Eula Beatrice Cotton 1954
Mary M. Cottros James D. Cottros 1943
Ernie Couch Enid Norris Couch 1946
Gertrude M. Couch Marion F. Couch 1951
Mary Couch Eli Couch 1898
Betty Robinson Couey Carl Franklin Couey 1951
Carl Franklin Couey Ruth Taylor Couey 1950
Lillie B. Couey James E. Couey 1948
Julia Gibson Coughlin John Russell Coughlin 1937
Frances Fielder Cougle Gordon Talmage Cougle 1950
Richard Couley Anna Massey Couley 1943
Sachel Akins Mike T. Coulianos 1945
Nicholas Coulianos Kalotina Coulianos 1949
Janet Council Auba Council 1946
Daisy Couser Frank Couser 1913
Hester Couser Earnest Couser 1925
Arthur D. Covington Margaret J. Covington 1940
Emmett Covington Hattie Covington 1955
H. Louise Covington C. S. Covington 1951
John W., Jr. Covington Ruth Bixby Covington 1948
Bettie Cowan Scott Cowan 1899
Mary Robinson Cowan Joseph James Cowan 1949
R. N. Cowan Thelma Cowan 1952
Deloe Hoffman Coward Douglas Howard Coward 1947
Constance Hart Cowell H. S., Jr. Cowell 1933
Gaston R. Cowell Cecilia A. O`Donoghue Cowell 1937