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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Albert E. Cole Hester E. Wilkinson Cole 1945
Doris Cole Leroy Cole 1946
Doris B. Cole Agnes Joyce Cole 1945
Geraldine C. Cole Robert N. Cole 1951
Harold M. Cole Catherine Rivoire Cole 1954
Mildred Cole Robert B. Cole 1939
William E. Cole Mattie Lou Cole 1944
Zella Cole Corbett Cole 1951
C. C. Coleman Josephine Coleman 1921
Elizabeth M. Coleman H. W. Coleman 1921
Emma Coleman Marcus A. Coleman 1936
John A. Coleman Maggie Coleman 1942
John R. Coleman Mary L. Coleman 1937
Julia Jones Coleman Sylvester Coleman 1955
Katie Roy Coleman Ellis Coleman 1950
L. B. Coleman Mary Coleman 1941
Lawrence Curtis Coleman Grace E. Crowley Coleman 1951
Leroy Coleman Pauline Coleman 1946
Mable W. Coleman Lester B. Coleman 1945
Maude Owens Coleman George S. Coleman 1926
Mavis M. Coleman Roy L. Coleman 1939
Myra Coleman Charner Coleman 1917
Robert Coleman Inez Coleman 1941
Vivian W. Coleman Oscar G. Coleman 1952
Sallie H. Colemere Clarence R. Colemere 1917
Ammie Saville Coles Leroy Coles 1940
Rosa Coles Joseph S. Coles 1920
Samuel B. Coles Mamie Gordon Coles 1917
Drusilla K. Coley Charlie Lee Coley 1947
Geraldine Coley Richard Coley 1949
Letha H. Coley Robert Coley 1940
Mary Jewell Coley Walter Coley 1946
Catherine C. Collie Herbert A. Collie 1951
Alma E. Collier Felix E. Collier 1952
Erna Goodwin Collier S. M., Jr. Collier 1940
Felix E. Collier Alma E. Collier 1953
W. B. Collier Mildred Frances Collier 1948
Alice F. Collins Ray Collins 1946
Archie Collins Hattie O. Collins 1950
Diane Dickerson Collins Thomas B. Collins 1955
Edna Vearl Collins H. J. Collins 1936
Elias Collins Anna Barber Collins 1946
Fred Collins Mary Hames Collins 1954
Hester E. Collins Donald Franklin Collins 1953
Jennings B. Collins Mary Etters Collins 1953
Lillian Rogan Collins Ludie Collins 1929
Rudolph C. Collins Marie Richardson Collins 1951
Sue Collins Paul Collins 1944
Alfred J. Collura Elizabeth Springfield Collura 1944
Elizabeth T. Coln James S. Coln 1947
Margaret C. Colquhoun Normal J. Colquhoun 1922
T. K. Colson Juanita B. Colson 1953
Mollie E. Coltharp W. H. Coltharp 1913
Virginia Dare Colvard Otis L. Colvard 1947
Charles Wade H. Combs Betty Lou Combs 1953
Helen Washam Combs James Combs 1940
Marian Louise Combs Sidney Gale Combs 1939
Raynor Combs Charles Edward Combs 1947
Ruth W. Combs G. Reynolds Combs 1952
Hazel Pilson Comer Elmer Odell Comer 1950
Bert Comey Rosa Lee Barnett Comey 1952
Alice Honeycutt Comley Edward F. Comley 1946
James Isaac Compton Fannie Irene Roberson Compton 1947
Rosa Lemmond Compton James A. Compton 1950
Bill Frank Conder Minetta Plummer Conder 1945
Lois Pearl Conder Thomas Patterson Conder 1953
Thomas R. Conder Iris Conder 1945
Mary M. Condiff Charles W. Condiff 1955
Thomas E. Cooney Shirley M. Coney 1946
Eunice Conklin A. C. Conklin 1924
Mary Conkright C. E. Conkright 1928
Lois Connell Eddie W. Connell 1945
Mary Humphries Connell Jerry Connell 1954
Mildred Connell Jessie Lee Connell 1943
Patsy Connell Hubert Roy Connell 1954
Ruby Connell Paul Norman Connell 1942
Dixie Herring Conner Andrew Jackson Conner 1955
Florence V. Conner John E. Conner 1951
Helen Conner J. H. Conner 1945
Irby Q. Connor Martha Connor 1929
Grace S. Conrad Kenneth F. Conrad 1948
Hazel Kennedy Conrad Frederick S., Jr. Conrad 1946
James Edward Conrad Mona Ella Conrad 1946
Lena K. Conrad William Lee Conrad 1923
Mary Grace S. Conrad K. F. Conrad 1946
Bertha Redwine Cook Wade J. Cook 1951
Cecilia Cook Horace Ross Cook 1927
Daisy Hewitt Cook L. B. Cook 1945
Dorothy Beatty Cook John David Cook 1954
Ella Mae Cook Charles R. Cook 1937
Eva Daggart Cook S. B., Sr. Cook 1950
Evelyn S. Cook C. M. Cook 1946
George S. Cook Olivia Stokes Cook 1946
Gracie McSwain Cook Richard Roy Cook 1951
H. R. Cook Cecelia Catherine Cook 1943
Helen Grace Cook W. E. Cook 1947
Henrietta Patrick Cook Ivey Murrell, Jr. Cook 1949
Janice May Cook Ervin W. Cook 1920
Jimmie Harwood Cook Marshall S. Cook 1937
Kay Bailes Cook Lonnie B. Cook 1943