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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Mary Chase Julian T. Chase 1927
Thelma Chassereau Nealan Chassereau 1946
Columbus W. Chastain Geneva Bridges Chastain 1950
Fred C. Chastain Iva Chastain 1936
Helen S. Chastain Mason R. Chastain 1937
Hilda B. Chastine Herman Chastine 1939
Rebecca Chatman William Chatman 1954
Senora R. Chatman Crawford Chatman 1944
Betty Jean Chavis Bobby Lee Chavis 1955
Rose Lee Moore Chavis Boyd, Jr. Chavis 1949
Nancy C. Cheek Alvin Ray Cheek 1953
W. C. Cheek Margaret L. Cheek 1951
Minnie Reid Cheeks Robert Hayes Cheeks 1942
Reid Cheeks Willie Mae Cheeks 1941
Hubert F. Chenoweth Lorene S. Chenoweth 1949
Ernest W. Cherry Ealer Grant Cherry 1947
Eve Cherry Ralph Cherry 1931
Jean Beaty Cherry Ted LeRoy Cherry 1947
Minnie Bell Cherry Will Cherry 1935
Susie Cherry Boyce Harry Cherry 1947
Joseph C. Chesser Hellen L. Chesser 1942
Eugene Franklin Chester Hessie Elmira Teague Chester 1946
Ida Elizabeth Chester Lawrence Chester 1935
Meidear Chester Lawrence Chester 1935
Irene W. Chestnut Richard D. Chestnut 1951
Lillie Chew H. M. Chew 1946
Jeff P. Childers Bertha Oveda Childers 1947
Jennie Childers Elly Childers 1946
L. D. Childers Lucille Childers 1937
W. B. Childers Bonnie Brown Childers 1942
John Harry Childress Mattie Cook Childress 1946
Mary Jeanette Hamilton Childress Roy Sanford Childress 1934
Shirley B. Childress Jack M. Childress 1943
Anna Childs Henry Childs 1928
Hing Ching Eleanor A. Ching 1950
F. G. Chipley Annie Lee Chipley 1933
J. L. Chipley Mary Hill Chipley 1940
Benjamin R. Chisholm Annie Bond Chisholm 1947
General Chisholm Willie Chisholm 1945
Hawkins L. Chisholm Annie Bell Chisholm 1948
Elizabeth Simpson Chisler Harold L. Chisley 1949
Peggy Marion Dorsett Chisum Steve Jack Chisum 1955
Katherine Chresfield Percy Norton Chresfield 1943
D. O. Christenbury Edna Haas Christenbury 1933
Della Christenbury Luther Christenbury 1927
Hazel Christenbury W. W., Jr. Christenbury 1941
Herbert Irvin Christenbury Louise Todd Christenbury 1950
Herman Lee Christenbury Irene Coleman Christenbury 1954
Irene Coleman Christenbury Herman Lee Christenbury 1953
Iris Pigg Christenbury Stanley A. Christenbury 1949
Jodie Christenbury Jay Christenbury 1947
Lucy Mundy Christenbury Dallas McClain Christenbury 1926
Mae Christenbury James E. Christenbury 1953
Maggie H. Christenbury Charlie N. Christenbury 1954
Margaret Fox Christenbury Roy L. Christenbury 1955
Margaret Steed Christenbury James Christenbury 1952
Muriel Christenbury Cecil Craig Christenbury 1944
Myrl Lippard Christenbury S. B. Christenbury 1933
Nell Martin Christenbury Herman M. Christenbury 1940
Roy Leonard Christenbury Margie Lyerly Christenbury 1944
Roy Leonard Christenbury Nora Mae Dillard Christenbury 1946
Sallie E. Christenbury Thomas M. Christenbury 1896
Virginia L. Christenbury Herman M. Christenbury 1949
Wilmer B. Christenbury Edna E. Christenbury 1947
Jack Edward Christensen Doris F. Christensen 1955
Jean Whitley Christensen Hans Christensen 1949
Edris McA. Christian T. J. J. Christian 1948
Marie Chrisopher C. D. Christopher 1928
Angelos John Christopoulis Mary Mattie Anderson Christopoulis 1948
Ida Mae Chrysler F. O. Chrysler 1949
L. P. Church Bertie Church 1930
Marilyn Miller Church Carnes Harrison Church 1947
Novella Church Shober Jefferson Church 1953
Hattie Lee Cinnellie Eugene Cinnellie 1934
Irma Clair Clifford Clair 1954
Isla B. Clanton J. C. Clanton 1947
Willie Clardy Jessie Mae Clardy 1942
Alma Clark Walter Cecil Clark 1953
Betty Jean Clark Edwin Monroe Clark 1954
C. T. Clark Virginia D. Smith, alias Virginia D. Clark Clark 1943
Carrie L. Clark Jesse L. Clark 1934
Charles, J., Jr. Clark Jothanna Clark 1926
Dewey Matthews Clark Kathleen Davis Clark 1950
Edna B. Clark Mack Clark 1952
Eula T. Clark James A. Clark 1949
Eva Hall Hayes Clark J. B. Clark 1954
Janie Clark Allen Clark 1933
Janie Louise Clark Frances Levy Clark 1941
Laura M. Clark Grover Cleveland Clark 1941
Lillian Clark W. E. Clark 1937
Lonnie C. Clark Obie J. Clark 1947
Loree West Clark Bruce Clark 1944
M. A. Clark Lois Clark 1951
M. K. Clark Nellie Clark 1942
Marion T. Clark Algie B. Black Clark 1931
Mary K. Clark Wesley Clark 1945
Naomi Clark Charles Clark 1946
Nettie Hampton Clark Albert F. Clark 1953
Obie (same folder as Lonnie C. Clark vs Obie J. Clark) Clark Larnie Clark 1944
Ottis Clark George Clark 1938