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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Fred D. Canup Mary D. Canup 1946
Gilmer H. Canup Deana Fowler Canup 1954
Henry A. Canup Louis Watts Canup 1945
James Canup Lou Canup 1916
Eula R. Canupp F. Walter Canupp 1941
Florence S. Capel William Robert, Jr. Capel 1952
Pearl Charles Capen Willard Capen 1924
Santo A. Capizzano Wilda Mae Capizzano 1947
Frances Carolyn McClellan Capps James Monroe Capps 1945
Nellie Chavis Caras John P. Caras 1944
C. P. Caraway Ellen Maud Caraway 1913
Ila May Caraway James B. Caraway 1933
Ruth Cardell James Cardell 1946
Otha Cardwell Wilmer Blackmon Cardwell 1920
Isabella Carelock John Carelock 1948
Mary E. Johnson Carelock Pinkney Oscar Carelock 1942
Mary H. Carelock Brady B. Carelock 1954
Emily Thompson Cargill Carney Arch Cargill 1944
E. H. Carithers Sue Jennet Carithers 1943
Christine F. Carland Ralph W. Carland 1945
R. D. Carlisle Minnie Mae (alias Minnie Mae Mackinnon) Carlisle 1950
R. D. Carlisle Minnie Mae Mackinnon Carlisle 1950
Jo Pressnell Carlson Archibald Raymond Carlson 1943
Catherine Wells Carlyle Arlie Carl Carlyle 1945
Vance Carlyle Bessie Mae Carlyle 1941
Lucy H. Carmichael S. D. Carmichael 1947
C. C. Carnes Sarah Carnes 1933
Elizabeth Inez Carnes Walter Raeford Carnes 1947
Ella B. Carnes James Carnes 1923
Geneva Dunn Carnes Luke J. Carnes 1941
Irene Carnes Thomas Curry Carnes 1947
Mary Louise Carnes William Carnes 1947
Stella Carnes Henry Hazel Carnes 1943
Susie Macon Hollingsworth Garnes Loran McKee Carnes 1944
Albert S. Carpenter Bessie Lee Carpenter 1935
Earl B. Carpenter Ruth Carpenter 1935
Edna Carpenter Earnest Carpenter 1925
Gladys M. Carpenter Henry G. Carpenter 1944
James S. Carpenter Lillie E. Carpenter 1943
Myrtle Hinson Carpenter William Russell Carpenter 1940
Pearl Mae Carpenter Herbert Frank Carpenter 1941
Ruth Carpenter Earl Carpenter 1945
Ruth M. Carpenter K. L. Carpenter 1933
Dillard Carr Emma Works Carr 1940
Eva Mae Carr George L. Carr 1960
Gretchen Carr William Carr 1947
H. O. Carr Jeanette Drayton Carr 1953
Lillian Carr James Logan Carr 1935
Lillian Carr Thomas Carr 1921
Lillian Mae Davidson Carr Theodore Carr 1937
Sallie Carr William Carr 1942
J. W. Carraway Emma Rollins Carraway 1920
James Carraway Mary Neal Carraway 1952
Knox Robert, Jr. Carraway Sarah Olive Branon Carraway 1953
Betty Irene Carrel James Ralph Carrel 1945
Virginia B. Carrigan Carl H. Carrigan 1953
Charles M. Carriker Pauline A. Carriker 1944
Isabel H. Carriker Paul Carriker 1938
Lillian J. Carriker Charles Mack Carriker 1950
Daniel Gerald (alias Jerry Harold Johnson Carrington LaVerne Dell Kasewater Carrington 1949
A. E., Jr. Carroll Waudena Carroll 1946
Betty Carroll Jake H. Carroll 1947
Evelyn P. Carroll Edward Carroll 1936
Mae Carroll Frank Carroll 1939
Ruth McManus Carroll William Carroll 1927
Ruth Mellons Carroll John Carroll, Jr. Carroll 1952
Sarah C. Carroll Dan F. Carroll 1941
Sarah C. Carroll John Emerson Carroll 1945
Wayne Carros Tom Carros 1928
Bernice C. Carson Martin Luther Carson 1951
Helen Carson Harry B. Carson 1946
Mary Alice Carswell Charles Earl Carswell 1941
Adeline Ford Carter George Edward Carter 1928
Ann Carter Ernest Albert Carter 1945
Beulah Tarte Carter Charlie Carter 1948
Charlie E. Carter Ella Wilson Carter 1945
Eddie Lee Drayton Carter Alexander Carter 1954
Edith McMillan Carter Henry Ford Carter 1953
Ethel Carter Robert Lee Carter 1942
Fannie Mae Carter Raeford W. Carter 1938
Frank B. Carter Ollie Eva Eudy Carter 1953
G. K. Carter Mamie T. Carter 1937
George W. Carter Lina Carter 1928
Joe C. Carter Marie Carter 1945
Lawrence Hearne Carter Martha Sikes Carter 1947
Lawton, Jr. Carter Leola Carter 1945
Lena Davis Carter George W. Carter 1939
Loraine Jackson Carter Earl Edgar G. Carter 1945
Mabel Mauney Carter J. D. Carter 1946
Mabel Todd Carter John Edward Carter 1948
Margaret Eudy Carter John Harold Carter 1940
Mary Elizabeth Carter Robert M. Carter 1940
Mary Reynolds Carter Frank D. Carter 1937
Mary Towe Carter Anson Dene Carter 1951
Pauline Carter Cecil Carter 1939
Pearl Foster Carter E. M., Jr. Carter 1946
Queenie Roberts Carter T. J. Carter 1948
Sarah Carter Marvin Carter 1929
Wilber Carter Cornie K. Carter 1947
William Percy Carter Vera Branch Carter 1934